CHEH Level 2 October 2017

Just completed an inspiring weekend of Cosmic Heart Energy Healing (CHEH)Level 2 with the amazing Sarah Hunt. Sarah is a gifted and natural teacher, brimming with authenticity. It is this authenticity that makes all of her students want to learn from her and emulate her inner peace and tranquility. I enjoyed level 1 but Level 2 has expanded my horizons beyond my wildest dreams. Now I understand what has to be done to make me a channeler and an intuitive healer. Sarah teaches it in a way that anyone whatever their spiritual backgroud can learn to channel. We can all heal ourselves and others. If you want to see your family and friends blossom and become the very best they can be – why not give it a try yourself. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Catherine Ford, Kent

CHEH Level 2 October 2017

Another amazing weekend, learning many new concepts and skills also confirming and clarifying past concepts. The use of crystals for removal of deep energy blockages will be extremely useful and I look forward to trying them out. Lots of things to absorb and practise. Thank you so much Sarah . A lovely gelling group.

Sue B, Harlington

CHEH Level 2 October 2017

I really enjoyed Level 2 and looking forward to level 3 and 4. We did lots of healing, self-healing, remote healing with lots of information. It was an amazing experience and I can feel the difference and improvement on my skills between level 1 and level 2. Thank you very much Sarah!

Bugem G, London

Healing share training session “Connecting with your Soul and Source after Soul Blockage removal”, September 2017. Very interesting group chat to start with and some interesting facts and experiences discussed. Enjoyed the meditations – was interesting doing something different for a change. Enjoyable evening.

Michele O

Healing share training session “Connecting with your Soul and Source after Soul Blockage removal September 2017

A wonderful session this evening, well organised.

I felt my heart centre open more than I had before, giving me confidence in how I ma progressing with my healing and future progression. Thank you for an enlightening evening.

Lynda M

Healing share training session “Connecting with your Soul and Source after Soul Blockage removal September 2017

I found tonights session to be very beneficial. Although I had previously done the heart centred meditation several times via You tube, I found this was clearer to be really dedicating time to it and not doing it ‘between’ everything else or before passing out with tiredness!! I felt a much stronger connection than previously. Very informative and interesting session. Thank you.

Kerry B

CHEH Level 1 September 2017

The weekend was very beneficial to me. The course was delivered in a relaxed way. Sarah taught us the principles clearly and gave many examples from her vast experience. We had opportunities to practice on ourselves and each other which was very helpful. Thank you so much Sarah


CHEH Level 1 September 2017

It was an amazing experience. I feel much better. We shared lots of information did lots of self-healing in the group. I will definitely do level 2.

Bugem Galip

CHEH Level 3 July 2017

“Excellent Course. Really enjoyed content, pace and advanced skills and tools with this energy. Looking forward to using these skills. Thank you Sarah!”

Abi Wren

CHEH Level 3 July 2017

“A great weekend in good company which should bring amazing shifts after clearing a past life with family, changing dynamics considerably. As ever, just what was needed at the right time for moving forward. Thank you to all involved for a lovely time.”

Sarah Bird

“Was great to have such an open weekend so that what we did during the time together could be tailored to the whole group. Nice that the weekend wasn’t spent simply covering the info in the folder, so feels like I’ve got more from the weekend that way as I can now go home and digest the info in more detail. Practical work very valuable, especially distance healing with Teddy – I’ll be getting a lot of value from this! Great that we’ve done so much valuable personal development as well as focusing on purely healing other people as this will make us better healers and is so often overlooked on professional courses.”

RR, June 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned a lot from it. Super shifts and clearances along the way too which will serve to move me on purpose. Thank you Sarah for another enjoyable and educational weekend. I look forward to level 3.”

Kerry Bradnam, June 2017

“CHEH Level 2 I had a lovely weekend, learnt so much and feel confident in moving forward with my distant healing and face to face. The only thing I would have liked more would have been slightly more practical to practise my new talent. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed the weekend and meeting new people. Thank you.”

Lynda Milne, June 2017

“CHEH Level 1 I have had a lovely 2 day weekend with Sarah and the company of 4 other students. I have had many different experiences throughout the two days. I have mostly enjoyed the fact that Sarah changed her teaching to fit with our group. I feel I had a very powerful change within myself and can only look forward to even more change within myself. I would recommend this course to any or everyone that has a flair for healing.”

Emma, Flitwick, May 2017

“CHEH Level 1 May 2017 Sarah is wonderful and since coming to see her and then doing the workshop I feel completely different . She is very understanding. Thank you Sarah for all your help.”

SK, Bedford, May 2017

“CHEH Level 1 May 2017; This weekend has been amazing with Sarah. She is a very gifted lady. I would suggest, if you are looking at this site, that you should go along for a session that suits you. I have just completed my first weekend workshop and I have learnt more in two days than I have in all the time I have been looking for answers. I do not think one could go wrong visiting Sarah and also the group of like minded ladies were great. If you can do anything for yourself, I would suggest you come along and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.”

CC, Bedford, May 2017

“Reiki to CHEH Conversion. I found the course to be really amazing. It felt totally right fro me and where I am in my life right now. I felt relaxed and found the atmosphere to be calming, safe and relaxing. The information Sarah passed on was totally engaging and made me think. Some of the concepts are thought provoking and I will follow up. The CHEH ‘system’ feels very natural and right. I loved the stripping away of the rituals associated with reiki. This healing system is totally intuitive and in touch with nature! Loved it!”

Elaine Q, May 2017

“CHEH Level 4. I feel I have consolidated and added to the information I previously had. Level 4 has been the last piece in the puzzle for now but I know there will be more to learn and am looking forward to it. I feel more confident as a healer and can put into practice my learning and am confident to use my intuition. As always lots of questions answered with information that makes sense! We cleared lots of energies today that also helps to ensure you go with your intuition and trust there is meaning in it somewhere and that somebody will understand.”

Carole E, April 2017

“I have just completed level 4 of CHEH. It has been an amazing experience and I now have a greater knowledge and understanding of this healing modality. It is a wonderful energy to work with and I feel I can now heal at an even deeper level and can work with my intuition. Sarah is a wonderful teacher and always explains things clearly and makes sure you understood. I would strongly recommend CHEH and especially Sarah to be your teacher and guide.”

Sharon Ingman, April 2017

“I’m very grateful to Sarah for sharing her knowledge and experience so openly and honestly with me and others. Sarah is a fantastic healer, mentor, teacher and friend who has given me the confidence to develop my healing to benefit myself and others. I found the conversion from reiki to Cosmic Heart a very natural step. The conversion course was tailored to the level of understanding of all attendees. Since converting to Cosmic Heart I’ve found my healing has developed hugely and I’ve also felt I’ve developed personally from having healing with Sarah regularly. I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough and can’t wait to train at level 2!”

Rebecca R, March 2017

“The CHEH 3 course is built on the fundamentals of CHEH 1 and 2. Sarah is a wonderful and understanding teacher and explains with ease. No question is too silly and helps to create understanding not only for yourself but also others in the group. The group was friendly and got on very well. We all felt comfortable working with each other and helping each other with the activities. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and it helped me to understand a few areas of question.”

SM, Bedford, March 2017

“CosmIc heart Workshop Level 3. What a lovely experience! I really enjoyed the 2 day workshop – sharing and learning together. The course was well designed and at the same time it was very flexible. It was interesting and informative. The group was supportive and fun to be with. The course materials were very useful and will add to an excellent library of training materials. More please!”

Diane, Wootton, March 2017

“Sarah is a wonderful person with an amazing gift. Going through the most difficult, stressful and emotional challenges in my life to date; Sarah has been literally a life support. I have no doubt that without her help I would have been on antidepressants or worse. Having had sessions every month to now every three to four months over the past year and a half; Sarah has guided me to light when I thought there was only darkness. I know I will always look to Sarah for support when life’s challenges shake me. Sarah has healed physical pains associated with my emotions, relieved huge amounts of anxiety and taught me how to manage anxiety in the day to day, worked on clearing chakras that have been completely blocked, helped me with sleep and incredibly, my fear of flying. Sarah has done this through a range of techniques – Cosmic heart Energy Healing, crystal healing, past life healing; all through the powerful guidance of angels. Out of necessity to be on Sarah’s couch in the past, to now laying quietly and peacefully; I look forward to Sarah doing her work. To my life support; I can’t thank you enough.”

Becky, February 2017

“I have found the level 2 Cosmic Heart weekend to be a thoroughly enjoyable and important part of my journey towards becoming a healer. It has raised my confidence in both hands on and distant work and it has been an honour to do my first distant healing for someone today. Sarah has been working on healing me and my family since June 2016 and is a fantastic teacher to which I owe much gratitude for the work she has done.”

Miss S Bird, Bedford, Feb 2017

“I was introduced to Sarah last summer. I have since had a number of soul clearings, mostly done remotely. I am so grateful for coming across Sarah. The changes that I have noticed in my life have been amazing. I understand how my thinking was so limited because of past life issues. With all the clearing I have had, I am a much calmer, go-with the flow kind of person. My relationship with my in-laws was non existent and now we share laughs. I could go on and on and on. With the changes that I noticed within myself, I thought the best Christmas gift I could give my family was a number of soul clearings. The difference that I have seen in my boys is exponential. The issues tackled have been from lack of confidence, to treating acne to improved concentration in studies. Ever so grateful to Sarah for sharing her blessings with us xxx”

Pam, Reading, Feb 2017

“An amazing weekend, learning and asking questions which are not covered in books. The best part was doing the healings to prove that we know the skills and could confidently give healing to others. I have found my healing skills. Thank you Sarah!”

MG, Bedford, Jan 2017

“A very enlightening weekend shared by like minded people wishing to enhance their spirituality and potential for healing; led with love and wisdom from Sarah.”

OP, Jan 2017

“A very relaxed, informative and interesting weekend. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is interested in healing. Sarah has a very unique teaching style and manages to work on levels each student understands. Thank you, looking forward to level 2.”

Kerry Bradnam, Newport Pagnell, Jan 2017

“I am so grateful to Sarah for identifying and removing an attachment to my mother that has held me back all my life. My Mum and I have always had an OK relationship but this has been marred by the fact that she has totally smothered rather than mothered me all my life. I was never allowed to do anything growing up and have always felt I couldn’t make my own decisions as they were always questioned or judged. Even as an adult and a mother myself she has tried to control my life. Whenever I have tried to do my own thing I have always felt pulled back. The day following the treatment from Sarah I got up and felt a new sense of freedom and feel I can now be myself and live my truth. I have always tried to suppress my resentment as she is my Mum and I love her but I feel that I can now move on and I understand why things were as they were. I have found that she now pays me compliments rather than pointing out my faults and I feel I have a new healthy, loving relationship with her.”

S Ingman, Dec 2016

“I just wanted to send a big thank you on behalf of us both for the Past Life Regression session on Friday. I think it was a shock to us both how much of a moving experience it was and we both felt very safe and comfortable under your guidance.”

PT, Birmingham

“Sarah literally changed my life! She is an amazing teacher/healer, her workshops are highly inspiring & her book ‘Reiki, A Pathway to Self’, is one of the best spiritual books I have ever read! (available on Amazon).”

CM, Cranfield, Aug 2012

“I did not really know what to expect, although I had, of course, read the leaflet. Nothing you could have said or wrote would have conveyed, or prepared me for, the enormity of the effect it had on me personally. During the meditation to call the Angels in, I had, and saw in my mind’s eye, an immediate rush of energy. More importantly was a huge rush of “unconditional” love which moved me instantly to tears of joy and wonder. Learning how to meditate on each Archangels Mandalas and how to dedicate crystals to them, inspired me to do just that. So far I have contacted 6 out of the 12 and instantly received messages from them in my “dream state” early next morning. I have never received this type of contact until post Attunement and post Angel Workshop. The timing of the course was divinely planned, as a precursor to the Angel Workshop. I would highly recommend doing both courses close to each other. I have experienced a huge spiritual shift and in such a short period of time.”

EM, Solihull, Aug 2012

“I have had a very pleasant, interesting experience in a spiritually minded group. I have learnt so much that has helped my connection to angels and other spiritual beings. I would certainly recommend it.”

GJ, May 2012

“Great to understand the topic (of Angels) more and to have the opportunity to learn from Sarah’s knowledge.”

SW, May 2012

“The angel course was very interesting, thought provoking, challenging, stimulating and very detailed. I really felt I have achieved something in completing the course. I have got to know people who I now regard as friends. I have a really good set of materials to use as a reference source and lots of CDs to use to develop my own spiritual growth.”

Diane, May 2012

“I decided to use my vibrational healing cards (bought from Sarah), the other evening in a slightly different way. I asked my friend/client to choose one she was drawn to; this happened to be the ‘harmony’ card. I then placed this on her body to where I felt it needed to be placed. I then did my Reiki treatment as usual. I couldn’t believe the heat from my hands and there was a very powerful, but peaceful feeling during treatment. When we had finished my friend/client experienced 2 sharp pains, one from her neck and one from her solar plexus area, but coming out from her body. I felt quite tired after the treatment (I don’t normally experience this after giving reiki), and went to bed feeling like I must be coming down with something. After a good nights sleep I woke to feel totally refreshed and very well. I feel I must have received some of the healing as well as my friend/client.”

MW, Bedford, March 2012

“I recently did two Past Life Energy Healing sessions with Sarah over Skype and it was a truly powerful experience. Sarah is a gifted healer and works closely with her guides throughout the session. She helped guide me to visit five different past lives. After the session was complete, I knew that I had permanently reintegrated the energy from all of those past lives into my present being and it was such a wonderful feeling to know that I was energetically balanced and realigned again. The energy that I recalled helped to fill in the missing pieces that I was feeling in my life and further put everything I am experiencing now into greater perspective. As an energy worker myself, I have had many experiences facilitating different types of past life energy healings and soul retrievals, but by working with another therapist, one is able to completely surrender to the healing process with an open heart filled with love and a willingness to heal. Sarah was such a wonderful guide for me during both of the healing sessions and I highly recommend working with her!”

Marla, 2012 (Turkey)

“I found Sarah online as I was looking for someone local who did reiki and past life regressions. I was considering being reiki attuned. I came across Peaceful Living and was over the moon. I thought wow at last I have found someone who is spiritual, understands and believes in past lives and does reiki. I began with reiki and after about 4 we both decided it was good for me to begin past life regressions, I soon went onto the past life energy healing which after going through all the lives I needed to was amazing of how much rubbish we carry through lives for thousands of years. I have had a life as a caveman to an eskimo to being in battles and taking loads of vows as a nunn and priest of which had to be released. It was an interesting, not scary, very healing experience. I am now at a 100% on all my energy levels and feel lovely, very peaceful, centred and happy knowing I have done a lot of healing work. When I began seeing Sarah I had suffered a major back breakdown of which nearly left me bed ridden. I started seeing a chiropractor who got me on my feet but I seemed to go so far and did not improve any more. It has been the past life energy healing and now I am attuned to reiki which has helped immensely. I had tried clinical hypnosis and free association hypnotherapy which stressed me even more in the past and never worked. I knew as a child I had been a Native American Indian and felt at age 10 I had to go back to them. My family did not understand me and that depressed me. As a child I had suffered anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome. As an adult 2 major back break downs and depression, anxiety and stuck in my life. I now feel full of life, positive and not depressed or anxious. My back has got a lot better and I have had plenty of energy shifts and grown spiritually and as a person. Another great point is when I go for my scan with Donna Milligan who checks my food intolerances and various other things; always my stress in my nervous system has been over 100% of what it should be and now is normal! I only go 2 times a year now. My energy levels are up to where they should be and I need less vitamins and minerals, my cells are functioning where they should be. I suffer less food intolerances. My hydration levels are better. I have had a major health improvement. I cannot recommend Sarah enough who is amazing and non judgemental which is important when going through hypnosis and healing work. I felt I could talk about everything I needed to. Thank you Sarah.”

Gemma Johnson, Bedford

“In October 2010 I started to go to Sarah for Reiki at the end of my 12 weeks of meditation, weekly at first, then monthly. This was a revelation! I knew nothing about Reiki and soon became really interested in it. The Reiki started to help me right from the start. I began to sleep better, my confidence began to return and I started to feel better physically and mentally. I became emotionally more stable, cried less and began to get my life back on track again. I found I was able to look forward and plan my future while at the same time dealing with all the stress of having a partner in care and learning to live alone. I decided that I wanted to learn about Reiki and to become a practitioner with a view to giving something back. I did Reiki 1st Degree in March over two days with one other student. Sarah took us slowly and clearly through the process explaining the meaning of the word Reiki, the origins of Reiki in the West, how Reiki works, the Reiki Principles and the Chakras. We learned about the aura, hand positions and treating others. We learned about making a sincere committment Reiki, and in particular in Reiki 1, the committment of daily self-healing, initially for 21 days. We discussed the making of a sacred space and the importance of saying ‘thank you’ to all who helped. Committing yourself to becoming a Reiki Practitioner takes you on a lifelong journey. The Attunement was done privately and I found it an amazing, profoundly powerful and moving experience. My head felt full of energy – tingling pressure and ‘buzzing’. I had a healing crisis that evening but slept well. The handbook was very helpful and very useful for reading back and as a refresher. I did Sarah’s Reiki 2nd Degree course at the end of May. Due to cancellations I felt very privileged to have Sarah all to myself. We talked about the Chakras and the sacred Reiki symbols. We discussed the practicalities of being a Reiki Practitioner, the business side of things, insurance and paperwork. The Attunement was less astonishing than Reiki 1 but it was still a very powerful and humbling experience. I had another healing crisis that evening but it was less severe and I slept well. This was followed by another 21 days of self-healing. The hand book was very good and I have regularly used it as a reference book. I attend the regular Reiki Share evenings and these are great! We get to meet other people on the Reiki journey and we learn from each other. Everyone gives and receives Reiki. The evening is started with a particular topic eg. ‘Reiki and the terminally ill’ plus a short meditation. I really recommend this as a way of continual learning and updating. I have also started the course on Reiki meditation and I am finding it very powerful. I cannot recommend Sarah’s courses highly enough. She is very approachable, extremely knowledgeable and very well read. She researches all her courses well and the students are made to feel welcome, comfortable and supported. There is always support after the courses by e-mail or face-to-face. I feel so much better. I am confidently looking forward and I have a wonderful, fulfilling new way of life. I am currently doing my case studies following Reiki 2 Attunement and I am looking forward to starting some voluntary work at a local day care hospice. Love and Light!!”

Diane, July 2011

“I was blown away by Sarah’s e-mail reading as it was so accurate. She used a mix of cards at my request and is obviously a natural at card reading. I did not expect her to be so specific and yet she was able to pinpoint the three areas of my life in which I am experiencing difficulties/stress, giving quite detailed information about the various situations. I would recommend having an e-mail reading done by Sarah to anyone who is considering using this service.”

Hilary McConnell, Luton, June 2011

“Before I attended the mentoring course I knew I should be using my Reiki to help other people but lacked confidence and the knowledge to proceed. However after working through this course with Sarah my confidence has grown and I can use my Reiki intuitively, interpreting what I pick up from a client in order to give them meaningful information.”

Lindsey W, Olney, June 2011

“Sarah was warm and welcoming. I went into the attunement with an open mind, but nothing could have prepared me for the intense peace I felt at once whilst being attuned to the Reiki power. Spiritually it has taken me to another level and opened up my intuition and love for my fellows. I’ve never spent so much time feeling at peace in my own company, I would highly recommend it. Sarah’s knowledge about Reiki was vast and the manual very thorough and easy to put into practice; can’t wait to start helping others with the power of Reiki.”

Sam H, April 2009

“I would like to start by thanking Sarah for the Reiki 1 weekend, she’s a great teacher, very patient and will answer any questions without hesitation. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in learning Reiki. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning about all aspects of Reiki from the history to actually doing some hands-on Reiki, following the attunement. Sarah went through all details of Reiki with us throughout the 2 days but also gave us an excellent manual at the beginning of the weekend which was very informative and easy to read. Sarah’s help doesn’t just stop when the weekend is finished, she has been very helpful and answered a couple of questions that I have had since. I would definitely consider enrolling on the Reiki 2 Workshop in the near future. With love and best wishes.”

JS, Luton

“Thank you so much for the course of Reiki treatments you have given me over the past 6 weeks. I have been going through a lot of personal family difficulties in recent times (I think it’s called “LIFE”), and although I am already Reiki Level 2 I felt I needed some positive input to help me through this difficult and challenging period. I have had previous experience of Reiki but to some extent had forgotten how Reiki can help, and I have to say I am very impressed with your approach and also your knowledge. You are very understanding as well as being sympathetic and with empathy, and I always felt very much at ease. Also you have extensive knowledge in other areas including counselling and also your intuition is very strong, so I feel I have had additional help and guidance that I wasn’t expecting. To anyone considering either having Reiki as a treatment or to those who are looking to either refresh or expand on their knowledge of Reiki I have to say you are the perfect practitioner and teacher. I am really looking forward to your refresher course in a few weeks and I have no doubt that I will benefit from your knowledge and experience once again. I am more than happy for you to display this letter on your website or should anyone want to speak to me personally I would be very happy to expand on how beneficial I have found your treatments. Thanks again Sarah… you have helped start the process for me to move back into a positive and fulfilling appreciation of life. I have definitely felt a shift and am calmer and more centred as well as having a more optimistic and positive outlook. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services.”

Eamon, Bedford

CHEH Level 2 October 2017

An intense and captivating weekend working with the beautiful ethereal energies of Cosmic heart and discovering the powerful and potent nature of crystals. References to past lives also came into play which resonated deeply. Sarah guides gently, yet firmly, her passion and conviction never faltering. The pleasure was heightened by sharing the experience with a group of wonderful, diverse yet like-minded individuals, which brought mind that we were meant to share that moment, in that moment in time. Thank you to Sarah and all who shared that moment with me.

Ola P Bedford

CHEH Level 2 October 2017

I have just completed a wonderful 2 day workshop for CHEH Level 2. The course content was really interesting and there was plenty of opportunity to talk around the subject. The crystal work was amazing. It was so nice to spend time with an amazing group. Thank you Sarah for being such a great teacher.

Elaine, Luton

CHEH Level 2 October 2017

Big thank you to the welcoming group I worked with. The weekend has been filled with lots of love for myself and from everyone else. Really enjoyed the teddies! Cant wait to practice Level 2 on myself and others, to help heal and love the world. Thank you Sarah


Emma, Flitwick

Healing share training; Connecting with your Soul and Source after Soul Blockage removal  September 2017

I found it a truly amazing experience especially when we all connected with the same clearing experience. I feel I can mon better now connecting to Source my Soul and heart centre.

Rosemary G

Healing share training; Connecting with your Soul and Source after Soul Blockage removal  September 2017

It has made me realise I need to work on myself more, focus on developing my intention, use the meditations and trust my instincts. It has been a useful teaching session.

Elaine Q

Healing share training; Connecting with your Soul and Source after Soul Blockage removal  September 2017

As always lots of discussion and food for thought. Meditations were helpful to make the connection stronger and enjoyable to be with like-minded people.


CHEH Level 1 September 2017

A great introduction to Cosmic Heart Energy Healing. A truly insightful and beneficial weekend.

Niki S

CHEH Level 3 July 2017

“Learning CHEH has given me a huge boost in confidence. I knew when I was working with reiki that there was so much more that could be achieved with energy healing and I feel that CHEH has given me the tools I was looking for to progress my healing work and my personal spiritual development. My intuition is so much clearer now and I am constantly amazed as each level of CHEH opens up new opportunities and deeper understanding.”

Rebecca Rose


“Another informative and happy weekend. It was wonderful to spend time with like-minded people and have some very interesting discussions. As always, Sarah explained everything thoroughly and took the time to answer all of our questions. Thank you Sarah ! I’m now looking forward to the next step – level 3.”

KF, Milton Keynes, June 2017


“I found this level easier to understand. Personally for me, I found this level more enjoyable. I feel very confident in this work now. I just need loads of practise for things to flow and the things Im unsure of will flow. Thank you Sarah for keeping me focused as that can be a mission in its self! Cant wait for level 3 and to be doing this full time!”

Louise Cole, June 2017

“CHEH 2 Enjoyed learning about distant healing, found it very powerful. Good all round information regarding business opportunities for healing. Enjoyed past life clearings ( maybe ‘enjoyed’ is not the correct word-found the experiences interesting!) Good to spend the weekend with like minded people. Clear and informative teaching from Sarah with crystals.”

Elaine G, June 2017

“CHEH Level 1 May 2017 All in Divine Time! Those people who need Sarah will find her. Those who seek will find themselves healed on all levels. This is not philosophy or science or logic, just a deep sense of peace after a two day session. You know that that sense of peace will never leave you. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Catherine, Kent, May 2017

“CHEH Level 1 May 2017. Before starting my healing path, I was a very busy body with constant thoughts. I have learnt to relax and find out a lot about myself and other people that I was unaware of before. This journey so far has opened up an interesting path for me and I hope to carry that on and learn more about myself.”

Jade Dawson, Wilstead, May 2017

“Reiki to CHEH Conversion. The learning and discussions enhanced my understanding of the concepts involved. Pleased with the detailed notes in the folder that I can read/dip into and then seek further explanations/guidance if necessary. There was a relaxed but structured manner of delivery so experiences could be shared. I appreciated the meditation and connection with the angels and elementals. The healing was brilliant as usual. I feel I can follow up ad practice what I’ve learnt and experienced.”

Sue B, May 2017

“CHEH Level 4. I feel the overall weekend has more than exceeded my expectations of what I really wanted to learn and included clearings which were very powerful. Lots of deep and very important information was included and discussed throughout. Lots of information and insight into self-healing. I understand a lot more and the complexity of it all is unfolding. I think the coming years will be exciting. I greatly enjoyed the company of lovely people and Sarah’s knowledge, passion and love for her work really lit the weekend up. Sarah is a very inspiring, amazing lady indeed!”

Gemma Johnson, April 2017

“Awesome, fabulous and so enlightening. My objectives were mainly concerned with development, expansion of awareness and confidence. Level 4 has indeed allowed me to advance in knowledge and my insight has increased. The completion of CHEH to level 4 has confirmed the need to be more committed to regular self-healing especially as part of a routine. All too often I have got to the point where I am feeling fine and the work on self has not been disciplined thus allowing drama or wounds or new problems to manifest. I feel more “livicated” to CHEH. With love, gratitude and blessings.”

Joanna, April 2017

“CHEH Level 4. Sarah has a very relaxed way of teaching – informal, informative, easily understood. Comfortable environment, lovely students. A good weekend!”

Diane, April 2017

“CHEH 3. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend, you never know quite what to expect when working with Sarah! I feel so much more enlightened and have taken so much away from this workshop. I now cannot wait for level 4!”

Michele, March 2017

“I have just completed level 3 Cosmic Heart Healing with Sarah and the weekend has been the most amazing experience! Sarah is such a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher who totally transforms your life and your healing. CHEH is a wonderful energy to work with and I look forward to progressing to the next level.”

Sharon, Milton Keynes, March 2017

“Dear Sarah, I just received the leaflet from you, thank you very much! I’m definitely interested in doing the workshop! I’ve been meaning to email you just to say how much better I feel and how thankful I am. I really can not express my gratitude enough. The difference in my body is unbelievable. I feel as if an armour has been removed. I even kept having tears in my eyes throughout the day. I couldn’t even remember what it is like to be able to move my body freely. And I’ve been trying to find someone who could help me for years. And instead getting better I was getting worse which was so frustrating. On Saturday I was just dancing in my living room like a crazy person doing all sorts of movements, I also got my period on the same day and normally I can not do without strong painkillers I get shooting pain into my legs and sometimes can’t walk properly, but this time the first time ever since I can remember I did not need any painkiller!!!! It’s unbelievable, yes I had some pain but it was normal. I was not able to lift my left arm before I came to see you and the next day I was able to lift it much further. My pelvis must have improved as I was able to do stretches in yoga that was not able to do before and I can do all stomach exercises without pain in my lower back. I had all these problems for so many years I didn’t even know what it would be like to feel normal without all this pain and limitations. And I have been trying so many things and I would have small improvement before things would get worse again or something new would occur. I had my chiropractor appointment today, the lady is aware of how emotions affect our bodies and respects other ways of healing. I told her that I had massive improvement after seeing a healer. I told her exactly what I told you and when she checked my body she could not believe it. She said I had a massive jump, massive clear out. She was so impressed that she asked me for your contact details, she’d like to recommend you to some of her clients. Is that ok with you? I did not tell her exactly what we were working on I said that you removed emotional trauma from my coccyx and from my shoulder. It’s still not perfect but I’m feeling really positive about getting my body back on track. I’m really looking forward to my next session with you. Thank you again! Lenka x Ps: forgot to mention that I don’t feel as tired at work! The difference is unbelievable, I just feel normal tiredness from being at work and from being surrounded by people but not that tiredness that would completely take over my body and I had to have a bath for hours to start to feel normal again. Truly amazing!!! I think I mentioned everything now ????”

Lenka, Cambridge, February 2017

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Sarah. Not only has she helped healing me, she has also taught me a lot of things on the way to where I’m at now. She is one of the loveliest, friendliest people I have met. I look forward continuing on the healing process and also working alongside you. Thank you for everything.”

BD, Wilstead, Feb 2017

“I have known Sarah for over 7 years as both a healer and teacher. Sarah’s healing abilities are never ending and constantly advancing. The experience during and after a healing cannot be put into words, it is an experience you need to try for yourself. I promise you will never look back. Sarah is also one of the best teachers that I have worked with, very thorough with great attention to detail. As well as providing the workshops, after care support is also brilliant which means that you are never working on your own and know that help and advice is there when needed. Sarah I am so grateful you have been part of my life’s journey and look forward to many more years.”

Michele, Wilstead, Feb 2017

“A wonderfully informative and interesting workshop. Across the two days there were many interesting discussions and lots of hands on practise. I left feeling peaceful and uplifted.”

KF, Milton Keynes, Jan 2017

“A lovely peaceful weekend. There’s a lot of in depth information. Sarah is so good at clarifying all our questions and very generous with her time in answering emails when things occur to us later.”

MA, Milton Keynes, Jan 2017

“I visit Sarah regularly for Cosmic Heart Healing treatments. I always look forward to them and feel the ongoing benefits long after the treatment has ended. I would highly recommend Sarah for anyone wanting healing.”

Kerry Bradnam, Newport Pagnell, Jan 2017

“My first experience in this area, didn’t really know what to expect. Really enjoyed the weekend, have learned loads and found I have the power to heal myself too. Amazing teacher Sarah, first day Sarah could see I was struggling and regained my confidence. By the end of the course I was confident and happy. Met some great people along the way. Amazing ! If in doubt try it out! Thank you Sarah.”

Louise, Milton Keynes, Jan 2017

“Having had the attachment to my mother removed I felt it would be beneficial if Sarah removed her soul blockage as I felt she needed a lot of healing. She is in the early stages of dementia and also suffers with diverticulitis, peripheral neuropathy and arthritis and I have always felt she has suffered from depression for many years although she would never admit it. Since the treatment from Sarah she is like a new person. She was forever saying nasty things, judging people and seemed only to see bad in them. Whenever I called her she talked about her aches and pains, how she couldn’t walk very far or how she hadn’t slept – in fact mostly negative things. As a healer I have continued to give her some healing and she has said she feels amazing and feels like a different person. I asked her if she could describe how she felt and she said she felt at peace. She also enjoys going out more and is not in a hurry to get home as she used to be. I haven’t heard her say one unkind word about anyone since Sarah’s treatment. An amazing transformation. Sarah is a truly gifted healer.”

S Ingman, Dec 2016

“I have just been attuned to Kundalini Reiki level 1 & 2 by Sarah at Peaceful Living. What an amazing experience. The energies were incredible. Sarah is a fantastic teacher and is very passionate in all that she does. She is always very keen to ensure that you understand everything that is being taught and makes the whole experience truly meaningful. A very enjoyable and gratifying course. I look forward to working with Sarah to achieve my Master level.”

Sharon, Milton Keynes

“I first met Sarah a couple of years ago, through her work as a Reiki practitioner. From the outset, she came across as a person of real empathy, insight and intuition. She combined this with a genuine desire and ability to help and heal. She has the capacity to reflect back whatever she sees that her client may need to work through. As well as the dynamic healing, through her skilled hands that she is able to do, she often adds useful and pertinent advice as how to proceed down the road of further restoration of balance in a person’s life. I discovered the quality, depth and accuracy of her on-line readings when I was unable to attend one of our usual Reiki healing sessions. The time and effort that she puts into this particular service is obvious as soon as you begin to take on board what she has felt and has communicated in this manner. To say that Sarah’s readings are both focused and relevant would be something of an understatement. I shall be calling upon this aspect of her healing work for a long time to come. But the best testimony is simply to try it for yourself: you won’t be disappointed or left feeling you wanted something more. Believe me, it will all be there: the issues, the influences and the possible ‘ways forward’.”

Rob Marchment, December 2013

“An exceptional and truly interesting course. The topics were well presented and held the attention of the students. We had some very interesting discussions which I think could have gone on for hours given an opportunity. I feel blessed to be part of this first workshop. An amazing experience. What’s next?”

Anon, May 2012

“Found the Angel course made me focus on my spirituality. My energy has become higher and I am connecting with Angels.”

Anon, May 2012

“Thank you so much for such an amazingly insightful, sensitive and positively challenging reading… It will take a few perusals for all of its import to sink in! I look forward to reflecting on it next week with you.”

RM, Rushden, April 2012

“When I was going through a particularly low time last year my thoughts turned to Reiki. Although I didn’t know much about it I had heard of the great benefits it provides. I trawled the internet to find a suitable Reiki Practitioner and after looking across 4 counties was drawn to Sarah. As soon as I met her I knew that I had made the right choice. She has such a wonderful gift and I feel privileged to have found her. She has totally turned my life around with Reiki and Past Life Healing. I have been amazed at her incredible intuition and healing power. She is a lovely, kind, sensitive, supportive lady and I cannot thank her enough for giving me back my life. I now feel positive about the future and have found inner peace.”

Sharon, Milton Keynes, February 2012

“I recently undertook the meditation workshops with Sarah as a follow-on from the Introduction to Crystals, which I found fascinating and where I had a taster of meditation (with crystals), which made me want to find out more. I wasn’t really sure what to expect at first but the group were very supportive and friendly and the manuals and CDs to accompany the workshops have been very useful for continuing with meditation on my own at home. I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and since taking up meditation I find that my concentration levels are much better, I am much less stressed than I used to be and able to cope with the things that life throws at me. Many thanks.”

CE, Bedford, February 2012

“I want to thank Sarah for the Angels of Atlantis attunement. This distant attunement was lovely and powerful. It started with light shaking and vibrating of the body. A lot of beautiful colours and shapes appeared as well. The name of the Angels came to me one by one and once they put their hands on me, I could feel very strong energy passing into me. I could also see rod of colours entering into me. Many angels make their presence felt and applauded during the attunement. Finally AA Metatron informed that the attunement has been completed. Once again my heartfelt thanks to Sarah and all the lovely Angels.”

CWH, Singapore, Aug 2012

“I met Sarah about the beginning of the year. I met her at one of my favourite cafes in Bedford. She was having tea with a friend of mine. Sarah handed me her business card, and I immediately noticed that she was a Reiki Master. Although I didn’t call Sarah right away, I knew I needed to speak with her and see whether she did a Reiki Share group or she knew someone who did. I finally made that call and I am so glad that I did joining Sarah’s Reiki Share meetings has changed my life. I am so appreciative of her teachings. Sarah is so passionate about what she does. I find the sessions educational, because she as topics at each sessions which are always engaging. I have learnt so much since meeting her about Reiki and how powerful it is. I have taken other courses with her and found them to be phenomenal. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone considering Reiki whether you are a beginner or advanced. I just want to say, ‘A very big thank you’. Love and Light.”

Sandra, Bedford, July 2011

“A very accurate and truly inspiring and uplifting reading. Sarah has the ability and gift to connect with others at a soul level and really explores all aspects of your life, identifying reasons why things are the way they are at the moment. She also identifies negative thought and behaviour patterns and how to move on and let go of these so you can achieve your potential in the future. I would highly recommend Sarah’s readings.”

LV, Kempston, June 2011

“I first met Sarah when I went to her meditation classes at my doctor’s practice. I was going through a very bad time. My husband was very ill and I was caring for him at home. I was getting 2-3 hours sleep a night and coping with all the problems associated with dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. I was extremely stressed and physically and mentally exhausted. At the end of July 2010 I started two 6-week meditation courses and I learned how to really relax. I also learned breathing techniques and how to deal with feelings of loss. My doctor had prescribed medication but I was able to do without it in a very short time. During this time my husband went into permanent residential care at the end of September and the meditation techniques really helped with the feelings of loss and guilt. I still meditate regularly and attend regular sessions with others who also went through the initial classes. I thoroughly recommend Sarah’s meditation classes as a means of learning to relax, dealing with stress and emotional difficulties and generally improving your quality of life.”

DH, Wootton, 2010

“Dear Sarah, I felt I had to write to you to thank you for all your help. I have to admit I was very sceptical of Reiki, but since meeting you and letting you work your Reiki on me through a distance, I have to admit that I have never been more wrong in my life! Your healing has been felt, and I feel more on a stable footing – I’ve felt the calmness, the peace and relaxation, also I feel much stronger within myself and now realise that my life is worth living. You have more than convinced me that Reiki is the way forward and that distant healing really works. I have to say I feel it when you do it and that is truly amazing! I’m a person Sarah, who needs proof and you have given me all the proof I need! Indeed you are a special person with special gifts and long may you continue your fabulous work. I am beginning to believe in myself and my esteem as Reiki has also relieved a lot of stress that has been ruling my life, now I take things in a much calmer way instead of the panic that had been within me. I would recommend anyone to this field of healing and towards you, I repeat I cannot express enough what you and your Reiki Healing has done for me. Carry on the good Work. All the very best.”

Liz, Sussex

“I have been visiting Sarah at Peaceful Living regularly and have found her Reiki to be very intuitive, as a Reiki Master myself I wanted to go to someone with whom I could trust. Sarah has been very thorough and her use of Crystals and symbols have really enhanced the Reiki power. She has restored my faith in the practise and from now I can see light at the end of the tunnel for my own development, prior to seeking treatment I had lost faith in my abilities and Sarah has helped me to clear up my own blockages by working through issues; this has opened new doors and opportunities for me and I can now walk through life with confidence, I owe Sarah a debt of gratitude for what it has done for me. Thank you Sarah, you may have a new Reiki Master on the Block… Watch this space.”

WL, London

“I read about the Bedford Complimentary Health Centre and Sarah in the local newspaper. As I felt quite low I phoned to book a session of Reiki to see if it would help. I can’t say I felt any different after the first two visits but I started to look forward to talking to Sarah. She asked me to keep a pen and paper by the bed to write down my dreams. I nearly always dream but forget them by the time I get up. Writing them down in the night was a revelation. At the end of the week when I read them back I noticed a pattern emerging. Sarah is such a gentle understanding lady that no subject was out of bounds and she made a lot of sense unravelling my thoughts and feelings. I didn’t really notice how much better I was feeling until I looked back over my first sessions. Then I could see how far I had come. Just before my last weekly session I had what I call my ‘revelation’. I had a dream and blinding flash of inspiration that woke me up and my world suddenly made sense. I knew what my main problem was, I could name it and I could now change the root of what had been dragging me down for so many years. I truly believe that I could not have found my ‘answer’ without Reiki and Sarah. It is not an obvious and dramatic treatment but gentle and helped me find the answers myself in small but effective steps. My relationships with family and work colleagues are begining to change already as I have a whole new perspective on life and its many trials! I will continue to see Sarah for a top up every so often and I am looking forward to learning more about Reiki in the level 1 course in the near future.”

Jeanette N, May 2008

“A close friend recommended I see Sarah after a close family bereavement. The Reiki supported me and helped me cope through the difficult time, and also helped me with the stress of continuing my degree course in a time of difficulty. I feel I could not have coped without the Reiki, and since the treatments, I have seen a big improvement in my stress levels and concentration, and also my general well-being. Sarah is a wonderful practitioner and her understanding, non-judgmental approach is a great comfort. I would unreservedly recommend Reiki with Sarah, for supporting emotional issues like mine; the Reiki helped me heal more quickly following my bereavement, and to cope with the stresses of daily life thereafter.”

Helen S, May 2008

“A friend recommended me to Sarah. At the time I had been diagnosed with depression by the doctor and had collected the anti-depressant tablets from the chemist but didn’t really want to take them. I believe in alternative therapies and had had Reiki many years ago, so I decided to visit Sarah rather than take the anti-depressants. I had four sessions of Reiki, on a weekly basis, each lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour, after the introductory session, which was approximately one and a half hours. I began to feel much more positive and with Sarah’s help felt like myself again. I had one further session approximately six weeks after my four-week sessions finished. I think it would be a good idea to visit Sarah for a “top up” session every couple of months. I really enjoyed my Reiki sessions, Sarah is very positive and inspirational in her work and her expertise with Reiki really shines through.”

Sheena Griffith, March 2008

“I contacted Sarah in November with the plan of having a Tarot Card Party in December. Sarah was very flexible and accommodating with the dates and I booked a party for the middle of December. There were myself and 5 others who had our cards read and we were all really impressed. Sarah was incredibly accurate with my reading and described things about my life, personality and career that were spot on. I moved into my house a year ago and have always had feelings of there being something/someone else in the house. These feelings have always been calm and non-threatening. As Sarah started my reading she said she could feel an energy and described my Grandad who had sadly passed away 2 years ago. She confirmed that my Grandad is around and the odd sounds I’ve heard in the house IS him. I had discussed none of this with Sarah prior to my reading. I’ve so many friends who couldn’t make it to the December party and as Sarah was so good I intend on booking another party in March. Thanks again Sarah for a wonderful evening!!”

Ceri Stabler, Leighton Buzzard

“I would recommend Sarah as a teacher to anyone who wants to learn Reiki. She has a very calm and relaxed manner and is extremely approachable. She is very enthusiastic and passionate with infinite patience and nothing is too much trouble for her. I really enjoyed the weekend and came away full of positive energy. Sarah had obviously put a lot of care and thought into making all aspects of the course very enjoyable. I can’t wait to put into practice what I have been taught!”

Sue Parsons, Bedford

“I was pleasantly surprised how spot on Sarah was with my email reading considering all I sent was my name and payment… Sarah touched upon many feelings and emotions that I am going through at the moment and I am sincerely grateful for the truth and understanding that comes with the reading… My mum passed away 2 years ago very suddenly and I have never got over it, a part of me died on that day, I also have had many bad outcomes with health etc and ever since I have been lost and angry with the world which Sarah touched on but somehow I can now begin to become the person I was before all the bad things had happened… Thank you Sarah for helping me… :-).”

TB, Shefford

“Thank you for the Advance Practioners course you ran. The manual supplied was well-presented and informative. I enjoyed your relaxed but professional style of teaching. Best wishes.”

Vic, May 2008

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