Reiki is a system of healing working with the Universal Life Force Energy whereby the energy is channelled by the practitioner to the client. The energies will then help to clear negative blocks in the energy system which, if left to build up, may go on to cause physical or mental health issues.

If you were looking for reiki please read a little further so that you can see how the system of healing that I offer may be able to help you.

My journey started with reiki and I was attuned to several different systems of reiki so that I could assist people in many different ways with their healing. I have been a healer, for some 14 years now and over the years my knowledge and understanding of healing has deepened and expanded vastly.

As a result of this I have now moved away from reiki and have been using Cosmic Heart Energy Healing (CHEH) instead, which works with energies from the Cosmic Heart and the Heart of Mother Earth. The two energies combine in the heart centre of the practitioner before moving to the hands and are able to heal the client on a much deeper level. As a result of this I have found that I have had more profound results with my clients by working with the energies of CHEH.

More recently I have been guided to clear the Soul Blockages in people which essentially starts the process of releasing all of the negativity that has been stuck in the person’s energy system for many many lifetimes, giving them the potential to heal completely.

The work that is done by my guides and the energies of CHEH, using me as a channel, can be very profound, and heals the soul of the many lifetimes of negative experiences, that have accumulated and been stored within the soul.

The actual healing experience is similar to reiki in that the client lays on a couch, covered with a blanket with relaxing music playing in the background. I channel the energies through me and place my hands on the client intuitively. I am always guided as to where and how to place my hands by my guides.

Clients often experience a lot of heat, tingling, coolness, or their body jumping slightly as they release energy blockages. They also sometimes experience colours or visions and always feel very relaxed, some even going off to sleep for the duration of the treatment!

What I have found by moving to the advanced healing energies of CHEH, and even more so, now that I am able to clear the Soul Blockage and any entities people may have accumulated in their energy systems, is that the person feels a lot better a lot quicker. Indeed once the Soul Blockage has been removed you can really start to see a difference in the person.

As we move through these exciting times it is important for us to all heal and clear all the old negative thought and behaviour patterns which no longer serve us. The most effective way to do this is to clear the Soul Blockage and then have some healing sessions to help you to clear the old thought and behaviour patterns. This then frees the Soul so that we become truly Sovereign beings with complete free will. It allows us to see the truth and enables the opening of our heart centres so that we become our true self once more, a being of pure love. As our heart centre opens we find that we can manifest everything we want in our lives, more quickly from a place of love.

Once the Soul Blockage has been  cleared, which may take several sessions, depending on how many past lives a person has had, we all have the potential to become pure channels of love and light and thus really able to assist with the ascension process. We become multi-dimensional beings working from the heart with love and compassion and always working for the highest good and we are moved onto our Soul Path so that we are ‘on purpose’. When we are ‘on purpose’ we are doing what we came to Earth to do and we are doing what makes our Soul feel truly happy.

Clearing the Soul Blockage brings people to a place of love and peace and a feeling of connection with their Soul and with Source. They are then able to allow their heart and Soul to guide them along their journey, manifesting every thing they need to be able to complete their purpose.

Clearing the Soul Blockage and experiencing the deeper healing energies of CHEH can help people to heal all sorts of different issues including stress and anxiety, physical ailments mental health issues and addictions.

I truly believe that once the Soul Blockage has been cleared anything can be healed completely when the healing being received truly comes from the heart with love and compassion for the highest good of all; for this is the energy of love and it is only love that is real and only love that heals.

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Back in 2012 I self- published a book called Reiki A Pathway to Self which focused on reiki level 1 and my own journey with healing. This book is no longer available as when I wrote it I had no idea how far my journey would go or how much I would develop as a healer. The experiences I have had over the last 14 years have been and continue to be amazing as I have learnt about myself and how to work with the healing energies. My journey will not be finished for a while yet and I am sure there will be another book to help you to understand how I have progressed as a person and a healer, at some point in the future. It will be a book that focuses on the higher vibration energies of CHEH and the way that healing has and continues to develop for me.  One thing that I know for certain is that when you work from the heart you can perform miracles!