I have always enjoyed teaching throughout my career and did the ENB 998 Teaching and Assessing course many years ago when I was first in nursing. My move into medical sales brought the need to be able to teach in practical situations so that both medical and nursing staff knew how to use the equipment. These skills I then transferred into my spiritual work.

I  did the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) to update my teaching skills in 2009.

I started teaching reiki back in 2007 and taught reiki to all levels up until the middle of 2016. Over the years I have also taught meditation, angel workshops and crystal workshops.

In 2015 I was guided to take reiki back to its roots of being a simple hands on healing method of healing, working from a place of love and compassion. This I continued to do whilst I launched Cosmic Heart Energy Healing (CHEH) and got to grips with teaching it.

I have been guided to  only teach CHEH as it is what is needed now.

My workshops are all channelled so that they meet the needs of the group at the time. They are experiential and I like to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to experience the practical parts of the workshops. I also like to  ensure that all students feel that they are in an environment whereby they feel able to ask questions in order to gain understanding and additional knowledge about the area of healing they are learning about.

My student groups are often diverse and so it is important to me that I engage and empower everyone in the group so that they can reach their full potential and move forward on their healing journey.

I am happy to answer any questions that people have after  a workshop and recommend that I am contacted by email to do this or that you attend Healing Share, which is a weekly session designed to give students the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.

I have done webinars in the past and am looking at using this platform to assist me with running on line workshops in the future.

Sharing my healing knowledge and understanding is an important part of my work as it helps to develop the potential of all students that work with me so that they can reach their full potential as intuitive healers.

I have recently launched level 1 of CHEH as a distant learning course and will be adding the other 3 levels as soon as I possibly can. The information for the on line courses is accessed through my membership site where you will find a variety of teaching methods to assist you with your learning. There will also be Skype and or webinar sessions set up to ensure that you understand what you are doing/learning.