Soul Healing

The Soul is the part of us that is there to guide us on our journey both on Earth and in other parts of the universe or indeed other universes. It is the every essence of us and carries the information of every experience that we have ever had, whether good or bad, within it, and these experiences can form behaviour and thought patterns which then affect our everyday lives.

Past lives have a big influence on our life experiences as we will have ingrained emotional, thought and behaviour patterns within our energy systems, which when triggered, will influence our reactions in our current lives without us realising what is happening, on a conscious level.

As my knowledge and understanding of healing has grown and been further unlocked I have come to understand through channellings from Source and my guides that for the Soul to truly heal and be able to release all the negativity that has accrued over many lifetimes, the Soul Blockage needs to be released. I have also come to understand the importance of clearing past lives as many of these experiences are buried deep within the energetic layers and are affecting our connection to our Soul and Source.

For some the experience of having the Soul Blockage removed will be more profound than others, depending on how much healing work they have already done on themselves. The way it was shown to me was that removing the Soul Blockage is like taking the plug out of the bath. Some people have a very full bath, for others it is half full and yet others may just have an inch of water in the bottom of the bath. The amount of negativity to be cleared after the Soul Blockage has been removed will depend on the lifetimes that people have experienced,  how much drama and trauma has been encompassed within them and the amount of healing work that has already been done.

As I understand it, the reason why many people still have lots of drama going on in their lives, despite having had some healing, or used other healing modalities, is because the Soul Blockage prevents them from being able to clear all of the negativity and so they continue to attract in lower vibration experiences and they bury all the negative energy within their energy system rather than releasing it properly. Energy work is vital if you are going to really truly heal and this is why people may change their perspective on things with other forms of healing but still draw in similar situations or people. It is only when the deep energy work is done and the Soul Blockage and past lives creating the issues are cleared that relationships change and situations around people change.

Life was never meant to be hard for us, but our energies have become unbalanced as we are in a world of duality rather than working from the heart with love.  Manifesting what you want can often take quite some time if your Soul Blockage has not been removed,  as you will be trying to manifest from a place of fear, rather than one of unconditional love, and so it will take longer to align with what it is you wish to manifest.

Once your Soul Blockage is cleared, you have the potential to  heal on a much deeper level and open your heart more fully so that you have a much stronger connection to your Soul and Source and so move ‘On Purpose’. As you move ‘On Purpose’ you will find that you can manifest what you want much more quickly as long as you are doing it from a place of love.

Once the Soul Blockage has been cleared, the process of healing the Soul can really take place. The process of clearing the spiritual DNA and the chakras of old emotional, thought and behaviour patterning is activated, after the Soul Blockage has been cleared during the first treatment. The spiritual DNA will then be automatically reprogrammed and reactivated. This whole process may take about 2 to 3 months to clear, although this appears to vary considerably from person to person and so a definitive time cannot be put onto this process. Additional healing sessions to help clear the Soul of all the negativity that has accumulated over many lifetimes will help this whole process.

My understanding is that once the old patterns and programming have cleared, new neural pathways form so that the person is able to be upbeat, loving, compassionate and always working for the highest good of all. The old negative ways of reacting will no longer be stimulated.

Some people have a split soul which is damage caused by heavy programming and patterning. Those with this kind of damage often talk about ‘fighting with themselves’ or finding it difficult to make decisions, or feeling like there are two distinct sides to them. This is something that can be repaired during a treatment once some of the clearing work has been done.

As the negativity within the energy system is cleared the person has the potential to become pure love and light and step into their authentic self.  The heart centre then has the potential to open completely which will then allow them to manifest what they want in their life very quickly, as long as it is for the highest good of all.

Once the Soul Blockage has been removed the person will start to be moved ‘on purpose’.  This means that the person is moved onto their Soul Path and will find their Soul Purpose. Once ‘on purpose’ life starts to truly flow and the universe is able to ensure that each person has everything that they require to be able to remain ‘on purpose’.

Being ‘on purpose’ brings us to a place of joy and peace within and allows us to be the limitless beings we were always intended to be.

When we are ‘on purpose’ we are truly connected to our Soul and Source and will receive the guidance that we need to be able to move forward in the correct direction, directly from them.

Once the Soul Blockage has been cleared and the Soul healed the Soul is free and able to guide you not only with your journey on Earth but also with wherever you choose to go onto when you have completed your time on Earth. Your Soul will no longer be caught up in the cycle of reincarnation onto a third dimensional planet, but will be able to truly progress on its journey back to Source.

I believe that clearing the Soul Blockage and healing the Soul is a key part of the ascension process which allows people to live their lives in peace and harmony, with those around them. It also raises their vibration so that they can become a limitless being of love and light always working from the heart with love and compassion for the highest good of all.

The work that I do with my guides using CHEH is to heal the Soul as the energies go deep within the energy system to lift the negativity that is holding you back, out of the Soul.

Soul Blockage Removal and Soul Healing are done as part of a healing session, which can either be done face to face or distantly.


Payments for face to face sessions may be made by cash, card, PayPal or Bank Transfer (BACS). Payment for distant healing may be paid online, or alternatively by BACS. If you would like to make a payment by BACS please contact me by email and I will forward you my bank details.

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