Spiritual House & Environment Clearing

As I have already explained on my Entities page, people can have entities stuck within their energy system. Sometimes entities can get stuck in a building or the grounds of somewhere, perhaps because they died suddenly and didn’t realise that they had passed over, or because the energy of the place pulled them in, or perhaps because a portal to another dimension has somehow been opened and they have come through it and don’t know how to get back, or indeed don’t want to go back.

When there are entities around that are stuck you may get a sense of something being around, making you feel uncomfortable, or a room may feel very cold all the time. Sometimes people have stated that they have heard footsteps, yet when they have investigated, no one has been there and in extreme situations objects may be thrown around or doors slammed, for example.

The souls who cause havoc, often referred to as poltergeists, I feel are souls that are misunderstood and often seen as evil, when in fact they are just extremely frustrated, and all that they are doing is trying to get attention for some help, because they are stuck and need assistance to be able to move onto the next stage of their journey. They don’t know of any other way of getting attention to get the help that they need, so they move things around, which obviously can be very frightening for people who do not understand what is happening.

If there is a portal open in a building you may be aware of a very cold area in a room which may extend up through the house. It may be an area of the house that you tend to shy away from. A portal is a connection form this dimension to another and may allow low vibration energies in.

Part of my work as a healer involves, closing portals and helping  beings that are stuck to move onto the next part of their journey. This then will clear the building or environment that they are occupying.

Please note: this is not something that anyone should attempt to do without adequate training due to the advanced energy work involved.

I do this work distantly (remotely) as I have recently channelled new ways of clearing entities working with CHEH, which are proving to be very effective and there is no need for me to physically be in the building to do the work. My guides and Source use me as the channel to be able to close portals and clear any lost souls/entities that need to go back to Source.

Sometimes if the negative entities that are being removed are very strong I will need to work with a colleague, this is also done remotely.

When clearing an environment, I always check to see if any portals have been opened and ensure that they are closed prior to clearing the entities that are causing the problem.

Sometimes it’s just energy patterns from times gone by that have got stuck and are pulling negativity in. It may be from the land rather than the building itself and, as I understand it from recent channellings I have done, there can be ‘holding places’ for lost souls waiting to go back to Source in some buildings or grounds.

If psychic abilities have been used in the wrong kind of way this can cause issues with buildings and land, particularly if the land originally belonged to a coven.

If you are having any issues at home or with the environment where you feel entities may need to be cleared please contact me by email at sarah@peaceful-living.co.uk or on 07795 901046 to discuss what is happening so that I can discuss options with you prior to paying for the session.

I am usually able to do this work on my own but occasionally it is necessary for more than one of us to work together, this I will be able to ascertain on discussion with you. Generally house/environment clearing takes about half an hour, but if there seems to be a lot of activity going on it may take longer which is why I ask you to contact me to let me know what is happening prior to paying for the session.

All feedback will be given by email.

Please contact me prior to booking so that I can advise which session to pay for, according to what is happening in your home/environment that you want clearing.

1 person for half an hour 

2 people for half an hour 

This is for sessions where I feel 2 people are required to safely clear the environment and that it can be done in half an hour.

1 person for one hour 

2 people for one hour 

This is for sessions where I feel 2 people are required and that there is a lot of work that needs to be done which will take about an hour.