Rescue Work

‘Rescue work’ is the term used for assisting souls who have got stuck, to go back to Source so that they can heal and move on to the next part of their journey.

Souls can get stuck in peoples (or even an animal’s) energy during a trauma or they can be in a building, on land or in the ley lines of the Earth.

Often when they are in land or in a house there will have been something that has happened on that piece of land previously. For example, one of the first places I was involved in clearing was a flat that had been built on land that had been a coven. My mentor at the time and I had to clear 13 witches who had got stuck there.

More recently I worked with a colleague to clear a house and gardens in a local village. We cleared quite a few lost souls and intuited that the gardens and part of the house was on a burial ground where bodies were buried during the plague. After helping the lost souls back to Source the energy of the house felt a lot lighter and more comfortable to be in.