Removing the Soul Blockage to Move You onto Your Soul Purpose

Over the many years that I have been a healer, lots of people have come to me telling me they feel lost or that they don’t know what their Soul Purpose is. I have worked with a lot of people to help them to move onto their Soul Path and so their ‘purpose’, but it is only now that I fully understand how they can be helped to achieve this much more quickly.

The heart chakra deep energy blockage removal work that I had been doing and teaching is key to helping people to feel better and to them lifting their vibration, as it helps to release the negative energies that are sitting deep within the chakra system, which have accumulated from both this life and some past lives.

I am now able to be the channel for this work to be done on a deeper level so that instead of partially ‘taking the plug out’ to allow the energies to clear, it is removed completely which is essentially what I do when removing the Soul Blockage during a Cosmic Heart Energy Healing session.  This starts the process of allowing the negativity within people to clear much more quickly so that their vibration can rise and their heart centre can open fully, freeing their Soul and allowing them to truly be a sovereign being with complete free will.

We have been caught in a cycle of continuous reincarnation for eons because of the negativity that gets stuck within, and this is all part of the experience that Source wanted to have and wanted us to have; as you cannot truly understand the nature of divine love or of unity consciousness, until you understand a lack of love and a feeling of separation.

Now is the time for things to change and an ancient portal opened during September 2016 which was fully open by the autumn equinox  has been bringing in some very high vibration energies to help with the clearing of the negative energies so that the vibration on Earth can be raised further.

As these energies coming into Earth continue to rise in vibration they are pulling the negativity in people to the surface, as it needs to be cleared. Indeed as we come towards the end of 2017 the intensity of the energies coming into Earth is increasing and I feel the next five years are very important for us all energetically.

The work that my guides are now doing through me is essentially clearing the ‘Soul Blockage’ and as I have started to do this work I am seeing even more amazing changes in people than when my guides first taught me how to remove the heart chakra blockage.

The size of the Soul Blockage seems to relate to the number of past lives a person has experienced and how much work they have already done on themselves. In some people it can run very deeply in the layers of energy and may therefore take more than one session to clear. It is important to remember that healing is a journey and it is rare for one session to make you feel better. Equally the number of sessions you decide to have is your choice and so how far you want to walk along a healing path is also your choice.

This work that my guides are now doing through me is important as it is all about putting people back ‘on purpose’; which essentially means that you will then be pushed back onto your Soul Path, so that you can get on with what it is that you are here to do. There are so many of you who know that there is more for you to do, but don’t know quite how to move forward. Equally there are many of you who know you are here to work as healers, but don’t seem to be able to take the next step into moving that work forward.

Clearing the Soul Blockage also means that you will be able to hold a lot more pure love and light in your energy system and indeed will be able to become pure love and light within the human body. This has been a big realisation for me, as I have come to understand that you will be able to clear all negativity, as your connection with your Soul and Source once more becomes pure. This of course means that you can truly become the limitless being you were always intended to be. This is not something that happens over night however and takes work and commitment to yourself.  Healing to me is an investment in you so that you may become your authentic self.

As more people are cleared of these low vibration energies their heart centres will start to open and their vibration will rise.  This will help us to reach the critical mass that is required for the collective heart to opened  and the shift to happen. This will then move us into a more heart led way of being.  Essentially what the removal of the Soul Blockage does is raise your vibration, allowing you to become a multidimensional being, always working from the heart with love. It also allows you to become the limitless being you were always intended to be, coming to know your true self.

Once the Soul Blockage has been cleared and with further healing sessions your vibration will rise and you will find that you no longer work with your gut feeling but will feel everything in your heart. You will see the world through different eyes and will start to understand the illusion of the world around you that has been created from fear.

Your heart centre will open fully, which will allow you to truly work from a place of love and manifest the life you desire much more quickly.  You will find that you have a sense of peace within and that you are much more aware of the signs that the universe is giving to you. You will notice that your life is synchronised so that everything drops nicely into place for you.

As the energies clear and settle you won’t be drawn into dramas in the same way as you have been previously, as the old patterns and programmes that have been within your energy system for eons, will finally clear properly.

Some of my clients had this to say, after having their soul blockages removed:

What I am finding now is that people don’t need as many treatments to feel better as they did when I was using reiki. The work that can be done through me as the channel often amazes me, as it goes deep within the energy system, helping people to move forward and become their true selves once more.

A client who has been coming to me regularly for a while said that ‘she felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her’. Someone else who was having issues at work with people bullying him, has told me that since that work was done, the bullies have backed off.

A student who has struggled for years to clear stuff and who has had a lot of pain in her hip told me  ‘I feel so much better in myself and my hip is much better, with only a dull ache now.’

Another client who always needed to have a sleep in the afternoon to be able to get through the rest of the day, stopped having to do that straight after the treatment where the Soul Blockage was removed.

Another client who has had a knee replacement was told by the surgeon at her three month check up, that she looked as if she had had her operation a year previously not just three months ago!

Others who have had their Soul Blockage removed have told me that they feel very different afterwards, lighter and brighter and indeed you can visually see how much better they feel.

Whilst a Soul Blockage clearing is always done on the first treatment, I have found as I have developed this work, that for some people I need to check to see if they need further Soul Blockage clearings on subsequent healing sessions. This seems to be linked with the number of past lives they have had and how traumatic they have been. It may be that the Soul Blockage needs clearing on several levels as the person progresses on their healing journey.

Clearing the Soul Blockage is the start of the healing journey as it makes it much easier to clear all the negativity that has built up over hundreds, and maybe even thousands of lifetimes. This is why thought and behaviour patterns can be very ingrained in some people.

The number of treatments a person will need will depend on how they progress and what they want to achieve. Some people just come for one or two treatments whilst others come for a period of time and still others come and learn how to heal themselves.

For those who want to move fully on purpose, then it is important to understand that you need to be willing to commit to your healing. To do that I would recommend that you learn CHEH so that you can heal yourself and come for additional healing (or receive it distantly) or further Soul Blockage removal as and when the need arises.

Committing to healing yourself is an investment, as once you are fully on purpose, your life will flow and be synchronised and you will have abundance in all areas of your life. You will be doing what makes your heart sing and you will find the inner peace and happiness that you have been looking for, for eons!

The most important thing that I do each week is book an appointment for a healing for myself, as it is important for me to look after myself and stay on purpose. Then I can book my work around that time. Healing is one of the most important things that anyone can do, and it takes a lot of  courage, to be willing to look at yourself and do the healing that is needed. By doing this however, you will find that inner peace and happiness that your soul has been craving. Most people look outside of themselves for happiness, love, peace and fulfillment but you cannot find it outside until you have found it within. Once you have connected with it within you naturally draw those energies not your life.

We are amazing manifestors when we work from a place of love. We can create the life we truly want to live. When we work from the heart we are working from a place of truth and love, connecting with our Soul and Source, so we can quickly manifest the experiences we wish to have. The higher your vibration goes and the more open your heart becomes the more important it is to be very mindful of what you are thinking and feeling as you will find that you manifest what you want ( or don’t want) much more quickly.

We really are moving into a very exciting time on Earth and each one of us has chosen to be here, so that we can clear these low vibration energies once and for all, and move forward on our spiritual journey without having to continually come back to Earth.

I can truly see now how we will be able to create a world filled with love and compassion without war, poverty, abuse or starvation. The universe is an abundant one and it is time for us to truly experience that, and the divine love of Source and our Soul.

The control dramas that we experience in our everyday lives are not coming from our Souls but from the low vibration energies that are within each and everyone of us.

As these energies are cleared there is no need for control, as the person is then completely connected to their Soul and Source, feeling safe and secure in the energies of Divine Love.

The time is now. It really is happening. There is no turning back for ascension is happening much more quickly than most people realise. There may be a bit of a bumpy ride as the energies shift and settle but as we come out of the darkness into the light we will all experience a sense of peace, we will all know love, and we will all know that we are all one and all come from the same Source.

The removal of the heart blockages that I have taught some of you to do is still important, as it helps to clear the chakra system and indeed the rest of the energy system of the deep blockages that have resulted from many many lifetimes of trauma and drama. Clearing these deep energy blockages will continue to be taught within the CHEH workshops.

The Soul Blockage removal work is very important and is making a big difference to all those who have experienced it. The removal of the Soul Blockage is done as part of a healing and can be done in person or distantly and will be taught to those of you who have done the work on yourselves to lift your vibration high enough to be able to do this advanced work.


Payments for face to face sessions may be made by cash, card, PayPal or Bank Transfer (BACS). Payment for distant healing may be paid online, or alternatively by BACS. If you would like to make a payment by BACS please contact me by email and I will forward you my bank details.