Reiki Training

I taught several different systems of reiki to all levels from 2008 until 2015.

During 2015 I was guided to take reiki back to its roots and teach it as a more simplified system of healing without symbols and working more intuitively.

During this time I started teaching Cosmic Heart Energy Healing and after guidance from Source decided to streamline how I taught healing to students.

As Cosmic Heart Energy Healing is a higher frequency energy and I was experiencing better healing results with it than I had been with reiki, I decided to only teach Cosmic Heart Energy Healing.

When I took this decision I had come to understand that for true healing to take place it was important to let go of any routine, and prescriptive ways of working and allow your intuition to guide you. I had also come to understand that for true healing to take place you need to be working with the energies of love.

Reiki had its place and taught me a lot but as I have moved forward with CHEH I have found that it is constantly evolving as true healing never stays still but continually changes as the energy system is changed each time that you have a healing session. This then means that healing can take place on a much deeper level.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have done any form of healing previously to be able to do CHEH and those of you who have done reiki will find that working with CHEH enables you to work on a much deeper level than with the energies of reiki.