Intuitively Working With Crystals

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I have been drawn to crystals for many years and as I became more sensitive through my work with energy, I found that I connected with crystals and their Devas on a deep level. I then found that I intuitively knew which crystals I needed to work with and how to work with them.

My house is filled with crystals and their beautiful loving, healing energies. They help me to keep the vibration in my house high and filled with Divine Love.

I completed the Diploma in Crystal Healing with the British School of Yoga in 2007. This was the catalyst for me to work with crystals more intuitively.

I found that as I have progressed with energy healing I use crystals a lot more and over the last six months have channelled new ways of working with them. As I grow with these techniques and get comfortable with them I will be teaching them to those healers who are ready for the new information.

I have been running a one day crystal workshop for some years now. This has gradually developed into a workshop designed to teach those of you who are healers working with energy, how to work with crystals intuitively, alongside energy healing.

When we work closely with crystals they can teach us a lot about ourselves. They also hold a lot of knowledge about the universe which we can connect with when they feel that we are ready.

1 Day Workshop

Investment £60 required on booking.

This is an experiential, channelled workshop which will give you a introduction to crystals and how to work with them intuitively when energy healing. You will need to have done some form of energy healing first.

There will be a range of crystals, and crystal dowsers for you to purchase on the day should you wish to.

The day includes:

  • An introduction to the mineral kingdom
  • Crystal formation
  • Quartz crystals
  • Crystal devas
  • The healing power of crystals
  • Crystals and Colour
  • The chakras
  • The aura and its layers
  • Crystals and the chakras
  • Putting a crystal Chakra set together
  • Choosing your crystals
  • Cleansing your crystals
  • Activating and programming your crystals
  • Grounding and protection
  • Using a crystal dowser
  • Using crystal wands
  • Using crystals for healing
  • Crystal layouts
  • Crystal meditations
  • Using your intuition with crystals
  • Working with crystals with other healing modalities
  • … and other relevant information channelled at the time.