About Sarah Hunt

Hello, my name is Sarah Hunt and I am an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Artist and Author with many years’ experience of each area of my work. I am based in Kempston near Bedford in the UK but work with people all over the country and all over the world as energy healing can be done without being physically present.

My work with energy healing started with reiki and over the last 14 years I have channelled and unlocked new understanding of energy healing, which has enabled me to help people to really move forward.

In 2012 I started channelling some information about a new system of healing from the Angels, which at first I believed to be two new systems of reiki. Further information was given to me in 2014 and I came to understand that it was a more advanced system of healing than reiki and much simpler to work with. The Angels asked me to call this system of healing, Cosmic Heart Energy Healing (CHEH).

I have been working with CHEH since 2014 and have found that this system of healing works on a much deeper level than reiki and so helps to get to the root cause of the issue. It is a system of healing that is constantly evolving and as I work on myself I find that new understanding and knowledge is unlocked for me. I also now connect on a deep level with my Soul and Source for the guidance that I need for moving this system of healing forward.

I am a qualified nurse with many years’ experience of nursing, the vast majority of that spent in the Hospital environment. Much of my time was spent working with patients who had been diagnosed with cancer, and from that I gained a lot of invaluable experience in counselling patients, and their relatives.

After leaving the hospital environment I held a variety of Nurse Advisor and sales roles where I was involved in teaching groups of various sizes as well as on a one to one basis. I did my ‘Return to Nursing Course’ and re-registered in May 2010. I spent a further two and a half years back in nursing where I gained further insight into medicine which has given me a greater understanding of the importance of healing. I have also done some voluntary work as a Reiki Master in the hospice environment which gave me additional insight into working with the terminally ill with energy healing.

During the early part of my nursing career I gained the ENB 998 Teaching and assessing certificate, and had an article published in the nursing press called ‘Moving forward by looking back’. This was the start of my interest in teaching and in writing.

My passion however, is my spiritual work and I no longer need to do any nursing. I currently work from home offering both treatments and workshops. As my purpose is to heal people and teach healing, I have, over the last six months, streamlined my business to include only those areas of my work that are my ‘true purpose’.

My spiritual growth has changed the way I view medicine and I have come to understand on a much deeper level that a person’s health is so much more than the physical body. To me holistic care includes healing the body, mind, emotions and Soul. So many people have forgotten how to listen to their body and their Soul and what they are telling them and this I feel is why we have so many people that are ill in the world.

Reconnecting with the Soul is key to healing as when we reconnect with our Soul and with Source we realise that are true self is a being that is divine love. When we connect with our Soul we become heart led and work from the heart with love, compassion and forgiveness. When we are heart led, whatever we find ourselves doing will be for the highest good of all and when we work from the heart we connect with truth and the illusion falls away. We are moving into a time of authenticity and as we all shift there will be no room for anything but truth.

I have come to understand that when people experience a physical or mental illness or disability it will be connected to a build up of negative energy over many lifetimes. It may be part of the person’s ‘purpose’ to experience the disease or disability in order to grow spiritually or to teach those around them. Healing, however, can still help them to reconnect with their Soul and ensure that they are ‘on purpose’. I have come to understand that it is possible to heal all forms of disease and bring people back to a place of health, although it may take some time to do this. I also now understand that physical symptoms tell us that something is wrong and needs to be healed on a deep level.

I still enjoy writing and have had articles published in various local magazines. I also channel/write articles for my blog as well as my newsletter and have published several books in the past.

I qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher in December 2007 and then early 2015 completed all the grandmaster levels of reiki. I taught reiki to all levels in several different systems for many years.

As I  developed my natural healing abilities and intuition I found that I started asking for the healing energies that were required for the healing I was doing and stopped using any symbols, trusting that what was needed was channelled through me for the highest good of the person that was being healed.

As I continued to work in this way I found that healing knowledge and understanding was unlocked for me. I came to understand that for true healing to take place there needed to be a natural flow of the pure energies of divine love. I always work from my heart with love and compassion so that the healing that takes place is always for the highest good of all concerned.

In 2012 some of the angels connected with me telling me that they wanted me to bring a new system of healing to the world. I felt very honoured that they wanted to work with me in this way. I started to work with the energies at that time but because of other outside influences this didn’t progress as I expected it to. As I look back now I can see that I needed to heal past lives for both myself and my family for me to be ready for the energies that I am now bringing to the world for healing. I started working with Cosmic Heart Energy Healing (CHEH) in 2014 and teaching it in 2015.

I now only offer CHEH as I have come to understand that the simple yet advanced nature of it, is what is needed as we move forward with the ascension process. It is a constantly evolving system of healing which means that its healing potential is limitless.

I have a Crystal Healing Diploma which I gained in 2007 with the British School of Yoga; I use crystals intuitively when I am healing and have channelled information about how to work with my crystals with the advanced healing work that I do.

Crystals and their devas are amazing to work with and can really assist us with our healing whether you work with them with energy healing or on their own.

I am a Spiritual Medium and have a psychic development diploma which I attained with the British School of Yoga in 2007 which added knowledge to the natural gift I already had. As doing readings is not my purpose I no longer offer them, however I use my channelling skills to help me to learn and understand new healing techniques so that I can work with them to help people further and then be able to teach them in the future. I have also found that my natural ability to ‘link in’ to someone’s energy allows me to intuit information about pertinent past lives that need to be healed often giving additional insight to the present to the client. I also channel a message to go with any channelled artwork that I do.

In June 2009 I attained my PTLLS (Preparing for Teaching in the Life Long Learning Sector) certificate. I taught a variety of workshops for some years but now only teach CHEH and crystal workshops. This is because my passion and my purpose is healing.

I have recently launched CHEH Level 1 has a distant  learning packages and will be adding the other levels over the next couple of months .

I connected with the angels in 2011 and have worked with them very closely since then. I have now come to understand the importance of being ‘on purpose’ and so have taken my focus to my healing work.

I found through my reiki practice that I was sensing past lives where issues need to be healed from another life in order for the client to move forward in this life. I have had a keen interest in past lives for some years and completed the Advanced Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy and also the diploma in Past Life Energy Healing in order to help people to clear the past more efficiently and evolve more quickly spiritually. This work gave me insight and understanding about past lives and now I am able to intuit the key ones that need healing/clearing during a healing session.

Over the last year I have come to understand that most people have had a lot of traumatic past lives which have created negative thought and behaviour patterns and programming which can be triggered in their current life.  It is not necessary to revisit these lives through regression as they can be healed directly when working with CHEH. Where it is important for the client or myself to understand the past life being healed, information is channelled through me to assist this process. I therefore no longer offer regression sessions.

Over the last few years I have developed many advanced healing techniques to assist with clearing the traumas of past lives which can be used when healing the person with CHEH. I have come to understand that if past lives aren’t healed then the issues that people present with just become buried and will surface again at some point.

I have also channelled information about the Soul Blockage and the importance of clearing it in order to move onto your Soul Path and achieve your purpose. Clearing the Soul Blockage is  key to being able to heal on a very deep level and to connecting with your Soul on a deep level. It is also  important from a point of being able to open your heart centre properly and so to stepping into your authentic self.

I also channel paintings which emit healing energies. My style of painting changes from time to time because they are channelled . This of course coincides with whom I have working with me at the time. Some of my paintings are available as prints, cards or cushions.

I can be commissioned to channel a painting specifically for you or someone that you would like one to be painted for. In order to do this I  connect with my guides, the angels and the energy of the person I am creating the painting for, in order to paint a picture that will be especially for that person. I also channel a message to go with the painting which is specific to the person.

As those of you who have previously purchased or felt my paintings will know, the energies that they give off are beautiful loving, healing energies so, a wonderful addition to any room in your house, or to your healing room.

Reiki was the start of a very important journey for me. A journey that has  had many twists and turns as I endeavour to fulfil my life purpose. It gave me a firm foundation for healing from which I have been able to develop my own style of working and greater insight into energy healing per say and the importance of working intuitively. It has brought me to a place whereby the angels and Source have given me the special task of bringing CHEH to the world, both in my healing practice, and through teaching it. I feel honoured to have been chosen to do this work.

I have come to understand the importance of working on myself as well as others. The more that I have worked on myself, the higher my vibration has risen, the more connected I have become with my Soul and Source, and the more able I have become to recognise and move onto my Soul Purpose.

If you are looking for a way to move forward or want to learn how to heal yourself and others then  having your Soul Blockage removed followed by some healing sessions or learning to heal yourself with CHEH will help to move you ‘on purpose’.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you or would like to book an appointment or commission a painting please contact me by email at sarah@peaceful-living.co.uk.

Please check out my website regularly to keep updated, or join my mailing list for my newsletter and updates of the products and services I am offering.