Past Life Healing & Clearing

As my work with energy healing has progressed I have found that a lot of Past Life clearing is done during a healing especially after the Soul Blockage has been removed.

I had already come to understand that often the root cause of a problem is not from the current lifetime and that we have many many lives. Our experiences in these lives cause us to create and carry negative thought, and behaviour patterns from one life to the next. I also believe that we can run more than one life concurrently which also will have an effect on the life that we are consciously aware of. This can then have an effect on how we deal with certain situations in our current life as well.

All our experiences are stored in our Soul and these memories may be triggered by situations, people, words or actions making us think that we are experiencing the same situation again. This stimulates old thought and behaviour patterns causing us to continue to think and react in the same way as we always have done.

I have now come to understand that the only way to clear the old emotional, thought and behaviour patterns completely is to clear the Soul Blockage first during a Cosmic Heart healing session and then continue to work with Cosmic Heart Energy Healing to clear all the old patterns and programming that have been ingrained in our energy system for many many lifetimes.

As I work with my clients post Soul Blockage removal, I often find that I am given information about past lives that are being cleared during a healing. This usually happens when understanding what has happened is beneficial to the client’s healing.

I trained as a Past Life Regression therapist but since channelling the information about the Soul Blockage, I have come to understand that it is not necessary to be regressed in order to heal a life. I have also come to understand that most people have had a lot of traumatic lives and so regression for some may not be at all beneficial and indeed may cause more trauma unnecessarily. I am also aware that when working with CHEH several past lives may be being cleared together.

Past life clearing/healing is done as part of a CHEH healing session whenever it is required and any information connected to a past life that has been cleared/healed will be fed back to you after a healing whether it is done face to face or remotely.

This will be so that you can have some insight into how that past life may have influenced your current situation.

What I have come to understand more and more is that there are Key Past Lives which have helped to establish a particular thought or behaviour pattern and when one of those is cleared many others may be cleared at the same time. This of course speeds up the healing process. What I am finding is that as you clear a Key Life, it then allows other Key lives to surface from deep within the energy system so that they can be released and healed, this in turn helps to reduce the physical or mental health issues that people have and change things around them so that they are more able to cope with what is happening in their lives.

I am now coming to understand that past lives aren’t healed in chronological order. The more trauma experienced then the deeper the life/experience will have been buried, so clearing these lives will happen as the persons vibration lifts and they start to move out of a place of fear and into a place of love. Each time a Key Life is healed many other lives will clear too.

What I have also come to understand is that when people have a physical symptom it is an indication that there is a past life or lives that will need to be cleared and something in the current life will have triggered the connection with the past life. You will find that I ask questions when you come to see me or have distant healing with me an will check about physical ailments. I listen carefully to language used too as all of these things help me to identify a pattern or programme that is not healthy and so be able to intuit and clear the related past lives.

Recent Clearing and Healing Experiences.

I have had issues with a tooth abscess for about a year now and my dentist has been wanting to remove the tooth. Each time I have had an abscess I have known it is just an indication that a past life that I am ready to release has surfaced. There have been several Key Lives cleared where I have been stopped from speaking my truth especially relating to my work.  I thought that the problem had resolved itself and then recently I had yet another abscess. What was amazing was that the life that needed to be cleared was my first ever incarnation on this planet. Once that had been cleared the access disappeared overnight and there was just a small amount of residual inflammation left. With further healing work I have cleared it and am now hoping that I have got to the root cause of the issue.

I recently did a healing on a gentleman in his 40s. The Soul Blockage was removed and then as I continued with his healing I became aware of him having been a slave in a previous life and being whipped my the person in charge of the slaves. I also saw him being hit across the back of the legs with a wooden stick by the same person and heard him saying ‘ yes Mas’er, yes Mas’er’. I was given the impression that he always worked hard as that slave, but that nothing was ever good enough and that this had had a big effect on his confidence in his current life.

When I spoke to the gentleman after the treatment he told me that he had had confidence issues all his life and a lot of upper back problems.

Clearing this life will help him to build his self-confidence and reduce his upper back problems.

Healing sessions can be done in person or distantly.


Payments for face to face sessions may be made by cash, card, PayPal or Bank Transfer (BACS). Payment for distant healing may be paid online, or alternatively by BACS. If you would like to make a payment by BACS please contact me by email and I will forward you my bank details.

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