True healing is about bringing body, mind and soul back to a place of balance. It is a journey, that once embarked upon, can be very rewarding as you find yourself becoming healthier and moving ‘on purpose’ whilst learning to work from the heart with love and compassion for the highest good of all.

My own healing journey started after a car accident where I was left with a back and neck injury which I was told by the medical profession, would leave me in pain and debilitated for the rest of my life.

I felt there must be a way of healing these injuries and through a series of synchronisities was guided to reiki. I found that through healing sessions where reiki was used and then through learning reiki and healing myself I was able to completely heal my back and neck. This ignited my passion for healing and so I started to heal others and teach reiki.

As my intuition developed I started to understand that healing was about bringing body, mind and soul into balance. It was about getting to the root cause of the problem and releasing the negative programming and patterning connected to it so that the person was able to look at things in a different light and react in a more positive way.

I also came to understand that ‘the only thing that is real is love and the only thing that heals is love‘ and so working from the heart is key.

I instinctively moved from asking for reiki to asking for the healing energies that were required for the healing to be done and found that the healing experience for the client was more effective.

Once I started channelling the energies of Cosmic Heart Energy Healing (CHEH) I found that the healing experience changed again and was deeper and more profound.  Once I started clearing the Soul Blockage I really started to see a bigger shift in clients and students in a shorter period of time as they started to move ‘on purpose’.

Healing is not a ‘quick fix’. It can take time to clear the negative energies that have built up over many lifetimes. Removal of the Soul Blockage speeds up the healing process and a series of treatments will help you to feel a lot better and will start to move you ‘on purpose’.

Learning to heal yourself with CHEH is also beneficial. It is my belief that you can never have too much healing as it will always help to centre you and bring you back to a place of inner peace. Anyone can learn to heal themselves and indeed I actively encourage people to do the CHEH workshops especially if they have a lot of negativity to clear.

Healing can help any problems or issues and I have treated people with physical ailments such as back pain, hip and knee pain, and cancer. I have also helped a  lot of people with stress related issues, such as work related stress, relationship issues, exam related stress. I have had many clients with mental health issues as well who have wanted to be able to get off or reduce their medication.

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, healing will help, as it will clear the negativity that is causing the issue in the first place, allowing your soul to be healed and freed and giving you new insight into the way forward.

It is my belief that it is possible to heal anything but it can take time and patience to do this.

For those people needing medical intervention, energy healing will speed up the recovery process for them, for example, I recently worked with a student of mine who needed a knee replacement. She had her Soul Blockage cleared and then a few CHEH treatments from me alongside daily self healing. After the operation the physiotherapist told her that he’d never had anyone recover so quickly from a knee replacement and  three months after the operation the consultant told her that she looked like someone who had had the operation a year ago rather than just three months previously!

If you would like to know more about energy healing and how it may help you, please contact me on 07795 901046 or at sarah@peaceful-living.co.uk