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I have always believed in supporting students that have learnt healing with me and always encouraged self-healing and so have run a healing share for many years.

When you first learn how to heal yourself and others you learn the basics to be able to do that, but there is so much more to healing. Every healing experience that you have, whether on yourself or someone else, will have something to teach you.

Learning to heal yourself and others is a journey and one where lots of questions will come up. I believe that it is important to support people and answer questions where I can, and continue to guide them with their healing work so that they can become the best healers possible.

Sharing experiences with others is important as each healing experience will be unique and it will give you an opportunity to compare notes on how to deal with different situations.

Meeting with a group of like minded people regularly will also help to give you encouragement and support. Also a safe environment is created for questions to be asked and answered and for feedback from treatments to be shared.

Attending healing share also enables you to gain confidence with working on others both individually and as a group.

The intention with this year’s healing shares is to move the students who attend ‘on purpose’ so that they can move fully onto their Soul Path and complete their purpose in this lifetime.

It is also a platform to bring new channelled healing information to those who are ready for it. It is also to encourage students to continue to work on themselves regularly and to start learning how to heal others.

My healing shares have a range of people who attend, from those who have just learned to heal themselves, to those who have been working with energy healing for years like myself. Everyone at every stage of their healing journey has something to offer the group and this is another reason why I encourage people to attend regularly.

I teach all my students to work from the heart, intuitively, so we don’t use specific hand positions or symbols. If people are not attuned to CHEH then I recommend that they ask for the healing energies that are required for the person’s healing. This way the frequency of healing energies that the person receiving healing needs can be channelled for them. Working in this way is to ensure that the healing that is required for the person receiving healing is not limited by the energies or the process.

If you are attuned to reiki or some other form of healing modality and wish to attend my healing shares, please contact me to discuss prior to booking on line.

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December 2017

Christmas “Bring and Share” Social Evening


19th December 2017

Time: Starting at 7.00pm until 10.00pm.

As we come to the end of an intense year as far as healing is concerned I thought it would be nice to have a social evening where we can  connect with each other on a different level. I have decided to have a “Bring and Share ” evening so that we can share a meal together to celebrate, the hard work each of you has done on yourselves this year.

Please book for this event so that I can organise a list of food and drink for people to bring. I also feel it would be nice for each person attending to bring a Christmas tree present for someone to a maximum value of £7. I will contact those planning to attend by email to arrange the finer details prior to the event.

January 2018

Cosmic Heart Additional Learning

January 2018

Time: Starting promptly at 7.45pm until 10.00pm.
Topic: The Importance Of Healing Past Lives. How to recognise patterns and programmes that have been carried through from one life to another.

February 2018

Group Clearing/Earth Healing

Thursday 15th February 2018

Time: Starting promptly at 7.45pm until 10.00pm.
Topic: This session will be where the healing needs of the group and Mother Earth will be intuited by the group on the night. The healing will then be done by the group, for the group and for the Earth.