Healing Meditations

I have come to understand over the years that the way to truly connect with your Soul is through your heart centre. I used to meditate and  teach meditation, although I always struggled to meditate working with the chakra system of energy centres. For me personally I just needed to connect with my heart and insight would come to me.

As I have developed as a healer and lifted my own vibration, allowing my heart centre to open further, I have found that using heart centred meditation has helped me to feel more connected to my Soul and Source and those beings of Divine Love who wish to connect with me.   I have also found it useful to work with heart centred meditations with my students and even some of my clients to help them to calm their minds and bring their focus to their heart centre and also to do some of the healing work that they are ready for.

I am currently putting together a selection of heart centred meditations that I have channelled for the general public to make use of which you can find on my You Tube channel.

The links to these meditations can also be found further down this page. This is my gift to you all, so please feel free to make use of them as often as you wish to.

Keep a check on this page or subscribe to my You Tube channel so that you keep up to date with any new meditations that I have put up for your use.



Heart Centred Meditation to help you to understand your purpose and life lessons


Heart Centred Meditation to help you to find peace within and then send it out to the world


Heart centred meditation to help you to connect with your Soul and Source


Heart centred Meditation to help you to forgive yourself for anything that you have done or said thats not been from the heart


Heart Centred Meditation to help you to forgive others for anything that they have done or said thats not been from the heart.