Healing Energy Paintings

I have been channelling healing images for sometime now and started by using oil based crayons in a mediumship circle session where we were asked to draw the other people in the groups auras. I realised that my hand was being guided so tried using oil based crayons at home and drew some interesting images.

Next I decided to use pastels. A bit messy, but I felt as if they gave me more scope and the colours I was working with were very vibrant. I then tried water colours but the colours didn’t feel right to me. They lacked the vibrancy of the pastels.

Finally I decided to try working with acrylic paint and this is the medium that I use most.

Whilst I channel the paintings that I do I find it a great way to switch off and relax as it is in complete contrast to the intense healing work that I do with my clients and students.

What I started to realise was that all the drawings and paintings that I channel give off a beautiful healing energy and are filled with divine love.  Those who are sensitive  can feel the energies being given off by the paintings.

Once I realised this I developed a set of  meditation cards from the pastel drawings that can be used to assist you with your healing. By choosing the card that you are most drawn to and just looking at it and absorbing the energies for 5 minutes ( or longer if you so choose) a day it will help you to clear outmoded negative thought and behaviour patterns as part of your healing.

Some of my recent paintings are now available as cushions, perfect to use on your couch for those of you who are healers, to assist with healing others, or simply just to have as scatter cushions to help lift the vibration in a particular room.

Some of my paintings are available as prints and others as Thank you cards, or just plain cards with room for you to put your own greeting.

Alternatively I can do a bespoke painting for you or for someone that you would like to give one to as a gift. When I do bespoke paintings I link into the person’s energy and ask my guides and the angels to help me to paint what that person needs at that time to assist with their healing. I then also channel a message for them from Source to give them further insight for their journey on Earth.

Having these paintings up in a room can really change the energies of the room for you, uplifting them and bringing a sense of love and calm.

If you would like more information about having a bespoke painting done for you, please contact me at sarah@peaceful-living.co.uk