Entity Removal

I have recently come to a greater understanding of entities and that many people have entities of different sorts attached to their energy systems and are not aware of it. Indeed it is much more common than people realise and is nothing to be frightened or ashamed of.

Entities can cause all sorts of problems, including extreme lethargy, suicidal thoughts, extreme rage, anxiety, addictions, confusion, feeling as if you’re not yourself, or even saying things that don’t make sense.

If they are not actually attached to you but are around you they can make the place feel unwelcoming or cold. In extreme cases some entities may cause damage by breaking things or even by pushing you around or making you feel as if you are being pinned down.

Whenever I do a Cosmic Heart Energy Healing session, I always ask my guides to check for entities and get them removed, as clearing them can make a really big difference to people. They may have been in the person’s energy for many lifetimes and as healing takes place they can surface from deep within the energy system.

Please be aware that this work is very specialised and some entities can hide themselves within walls of energy or within the layers of energy. Not all healers are able to do this work or even be aware of entities being present in the energy system.

As entities can hide themselves in and behind layers of energy I have channelled new ways of clearing them working with CHEH. These ways of working are more effective than the old ways that I was originally taught. My guides and Source use me as the channel to work through and with, in order to clear any entities that are within a person’s energy system .

Often entities see the light of a person and think that they can help them to move forward on their journey. With the amount of negativity that can be held in a human energy system these lost souls get stuck. They may have been in the energy for several lifetimes and often get in when there has been trauma. What I am finding is that once the Soul Blockage has been removed these entities can become more obvious or even just come to the surface so that they can be cleared.

Where entities start to surface people may feel very lethargic or have very negative thoughts which they know aren’t theirs. They may find themselves getting very angry or experiencing rage without any reason for it. If this happens it is important to contact me so that your appointment can be brought forward or I can do some distant work with you to clear anything that is there.

I have come to a new understanding about people who are feeling suicidal in that they have entities attached who want to go home (back to Source/onto the next part of their journey) and are wanting to ‘hitch’ a ride back with the soul in the human body and so they keep putting suicidal thoughts into their minds. In my experience once these entities have been cleared the person feels a lot better and the suicidal thoughts go immediately.

I also feel that people with other mental health issues probably have many different entities within their energy system which they have collected over many traumatic lifetimes. I feel that they are also very sensitive people and so this is why they may hear voices. They are literally hearing the voices of the entities attached to their energy chattering away. Clearing these entities will make them feel a lot better.

I had a lady recently who I had been working with for a few weeks and she came to me and told me that she had started to feel very low and suicidal but she felt that it wasn’t really her. When we did her healing she saw a big dark entity in the form of a man leave her energy system. She couldn’t believe the difference in how she felt at the end of the treatment and she was able to see that it wasn’t her Soul that felt suicidal but the entity that was projecting those thoughts onto her because it was stuck and wanted to go back to Source.

I also now understand that people who have attacks of rage or major anger issues or who have addictions have demons in their energy system. Demons are just very low vibration beings who do not understand what love is, they often get into the energy system when we are in a very vulnerable state, perhaps because of substance or alcohol abuse or a big trauma or illness. Once cleared people find that their anger/rage disappears and they start to find that their need to use alcohol or other substances starts to disappear.

I recently had someone who had a complete melt down with absolute rage coming up. This was obviously very frightening for her and she told me that it didn’t feel like her. When I did her treatment two demons were stuck in her energy system. Once they were cleared she felt completely different and there was a sense of peace within her energy.

It is also possible to have negative thought forms stuck in the energy system. These can come from other entities that have been around the person or within the energy system. They can affect the way you think making you more negative than you would normally be or cause confusion or a lack of clarity. Once cleared the person is able to think much more clearly and positively.

Checking for entities, whether they be lost souls or demons, is a routine part of my work and is included as part of a treatment.

If you feel that you may have any entities attached or around you then please contact me on 07795901046 or by email at sarah@peaceful-living.co.uk to make an appointment. This work can be done face to face or as a distant healing.


Payments for face to face sessions may be made by cash, card, PayPal or Bank Transfer (BACS). Payment for distant healing may be paid online, or alternatively by BACS. If you would like to make a payment by BACS please contact me by email and I will forward you my bank details.