Earth Healing Testimonials

I never gave much thought to the concept of birth trauma before, but having completed the meditations and the flip chart analysis work, I now can see how this can greatly impact lives. This led on to the re-birthing meditation and eventually to the Earth Healing meditation. Without the build up work, the Earth healing section would not have been as powerful as it was. Thank you Sarah for a wonderful day.


An amazing day today, such a privilege to join Sarah for her first Heal the Earth day. I learned a lot about myself and felt a much stronger energetic connection with the earth than I had ever felt and also underwent some profound healing. The energy from the group was amazing and I offer them all a big huge thank you -can’t wait for the next one.


A very enjoyable, positive day. Sarah’s events/workshops are always excellent. The energies were very powerful and everyone worked well together. I felt privileged to be part of this very powerful event.

Sharon Ingman

We talked individual cells in our body to planets of the universe and all ports of call in between! It was good to break down into the small groups for more discussion- ensuring everyone had an opportunity to participate. I have quality assured training for Ofsted inspectors in the past and your course would have been graded ‘Outstanding’! Thank you Sarah


A lovely, uplifting day, experiencing powerful energies. Feeling of doing something positive for my own healing and for Earth’s healing.


It has confirmed all that I have been experiencing over the past few months and has taken me a step further.


Lovely experience, really enjoyed myself.


Some of the meditation techniques were more firmly embedded in my practice and I feel a much better connection to the True Source. The way hte day was structured focused our work very well, through to the finale of healing the planet. Many thanks for all you are doing.


Very Intense day, with a real sense of satisfaction and contentment at the end. An enjoyable experience.


An awareness of what can be achieved. An appreciation of what we have here on Earth and how best we personally can help to heal on an individual as well as  group level. Also clarity on how we can prioritise this help. The importance of forgiving/sending love the controllers and gratitude to the helpers. The best workshop of its kind I’ve attended on a personal as well as a group level. Many thanks.


I didn’t think I had any birth trauma to be addressed- but to my surprise I did! What a wonderful experience and I truly loved the other person, forgiveness was so easy.


This workshop was set at the perfect level for all the differing experiences in the room. It was a  beautiful day. I have left with a peaceful heart and look forward to practising the meditations. Thank you Sarah


Meeting new members and old

Feeling the very high vibration

Loved the energy

brilliant info gained

Always come away with new info and always look forward to the next chapter.

Thanks you Sarah


Self healing and raising vibration. Past lives/birth trauma work in the morning was very healing. Powerful Earth healing in the afternoon.

Elaine G

The opportunity to get together with a group of lovely people, and to do some very important healing work.


I gained a greater understanding and more education on my purpose by clearing and healing things both on a personal and global level


Really good day, learnt a lot and gained a lot of knowledge. Found it hard to stay focussed but think thats more me than the course. Thank you.

Louise MK

Bringing like minded people together to practise self-healing and then earth healing. The splitting up in groups and the way the groups were formed provided an opportunity to get to know other participants.


It was lovely to meet so many people with similar views to myself.