Distant (Remote) Healing

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Distant healing is sometimes called ‘Remote’ healing and essentially is done without the client being present with the healer.

Over the years that I have been working with healing energies I have found that distant healing is as effective as working directly on the client in a face to face situation.

When you understand that everything is energy and that energy cannot be destroyed but can change form, you can start to understand that energy can be sent anywhere to someone to help to heal them.

I work with a teddy bear as a surrogate for the person that I am sending healing to. This is my preference as I am a very practical person. So essentially I ask my guides to accept the teddy bear as the surrogate for the person that I am sending healing to and work on the teddy bear as if it was the person themselves having the treatment.

As I am working with energy I do not need a photograph of the person, all I need is their name, (age if a child) and the town/country that they live in.

Healing may be sent to someone in two different ways. Firstly it can be sent at a time convenient to me without the person needing to do anything at all. Alternatively a date and time that is convenient to both of us can be made so that the client can make sure that they are relaxed and ready to receive the healing. Please be aware however that setting a time and date is not always practical if you live in a different time zone to me!

It really doesn’t matter which way the energy is received by the client, as they are each as effective as the other. I will then give feedback about what I have done/intuited via email.

There are many advantages to having distant healing especially if you have a very busy life, as it means that you can receive it at any point either convenient to you or to me, whatever your lifestyle and wherever you live. With distant healing you can receive the healing in the comfort of your own home.

Distant healing may sent anywhere in the world and I have worked with clients all over Great Britain, and also in Ireland, America, Kenya, Australia, India and Hong Kong.

Distant healing is becoming more popular with people who feel that I can help them but can’t get to see me easily.

On the whole I usually send distant healing when it is convenient to me as I need to work doing it around my in person client schedule. If you particularly want it at a time when you can consciously receive it then please ask me to arrange a time convenient to both of us.
All of the healing techniques mentioned on my website are incorporated into a Cosmic Heart healing session if and when I feel it is appropriate.

If you would like to receive distant healing, please make payment below and I will contact you to inform you of when I will be able to do it or to arrange an appointment.

Distant Healing Options:

Adults (and children 12+)

– Hour session including feedback by email £45

Children (aged 0 to 11)

– Half hour session including feedback by email £25

If you would like to know more about energy healing and how it may help you, please contact me on 07795 901046 or at sarah@peaceful-living.co.uk