Crystal Healing

As an Intuitive Healer, I often use crystals during a healing to support the energy work that I am doing. Whilst I have done a crystal healing diploma, all my work with crystals now is completely intuitive and I have channelled new ways of working with crystals in order to support the advanced energy work/healing that I am now being guided to do.

I use crystals in many different ways, so you may be aware of me placing them around the couch or around you prior to a healing. I may ask you to hold some crystals during a treatment and then place some on you, perhaps moving them part way through the treatment.

You may also become aware of me using them to clear deep energy blockages or patterning and programming. Working with crystals enhances the work that I do with energy healing and so will help to optimise the healing that is being done for you.

Sometimes I may suggest that you carry a particular crystal for a while. This will be to help clear a particular chakra or support the energy work/ healing that is being done for you.

For those of you that are intuitive healers I teach a one day workshop to give you an understanding of how to work with crystals intuitively to enhance the energy healing work that you do.