Cosmic Heart Energy Healing

Cosmic Heart Energy Healing is an advanced yet simple system of healing which I now use for my one to one sessions with people rather than reiki.

I have found that because this energy goes deeper into the energy system and is able to clear negativity at a deeper level than reiki, people feel a lot better sooner and need less treatments in all.

I work very intuitively with this system of healing rather than using the specific hand positions of reiki.  By working intuitively I allow the energies and my guides to work in a more expansive way, which facilitates greater healing for the person receiving the treatments. All of the other healings mentioned on my website are incorporated into the Cosmic Heart healing sessions.

This system of healing works with energies of love from the Cosmic Heart ( in the universe) and  the Heart of the Earth, combining the two energies in the heart centre of the healer before coming out of the hands.

From a client point of view, the physical experience of lying on a couch, covered with a blanket is much the same as having a reiki treatment. From an energetic and spiritual point of view a lot more healing is taking place.

Cosmic Heart Energy Healing connects with a range of much higher frequencies of energy than reiki, which is what is needed as we continue to move through the ascension process. When the energy is requested for the healing the specific frequency of energy that is needed for the person’s healing, will be channelled by me, so essentially the healing is completely tailored to your needs at that particular moment in time.

As most people have a Soul Blockage, the size of which seems to depend on the number of past lives they have had and how negative a current life they are experiencing, I always remove the Soul Blockage during the first Cosmic Heart Energy Healing.

As I am an intuitive healer I also use crystals and essential oils when I am guided to, as part of your treatment.

As I now work on a much deeper level I find that I don’t intuit as much information when doing a healing, however when it is important for information about the healing to be known in order to do further healing the information that is required is given to me.

Over the years I have developed many different additional techniques to help people to clear all the old patterns and programmes that they have held onto over many lifetimes which I use in conjunction with energy healing.

It is difficult to say how many sessions anyone will need to have. It really depends on what the person wants to achieve by having the healing. I see your healing journey as a path that we walk together for a while, so that I can help and guide you, and channel the energies that you need in order move ‘on purpose’, heal and lead a happier more loving and more fulfilling life.

I actively encourage clients to learn Cosmic Heart Energy Healing for themselves as learning to heal yourself will speed uptake healing process. Those clients who have learnt CHEH do self-healing between treatments with me so that they can speed up their healing process.