Clearing Toxic Relationships

Most people have had experience of toxic relationships at some point in their life. A toxic relationship is one that is not serving you for one reason or another and is making you unhappy or even physically or mentally ill. This may be a family relationship, a relationship with a friend or colleague or one with a partner.

Some people walk away from these relationships, whilst others remain in them for long periods of time feeling that they deserve what is happening to them and hoping to change the other person. Whenever anyone is in a toxic relationship, they will be experiencing abuse in some form or another, which then has detrimental effects on self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence and can create drama after drama, which results in yet more toxicity.

Even if you have walked away form a toxic relationship, it can still be having a detrimental effect on you and affecting the way you act and interact with other people. It will also affect the type of people that you draw into your life and often people find that they move from one toxic relationship to another until the underlying cause for them has been healed.

All of us will reconnect with people from previous lifetimes, all be it the relationships may be different in the current lifetime. If the relationship was toxic in a previous life it will more than likely be toxic again, until healing and clearing of that relationship has taken place.

Have you ever experienced a strong pull towards someone, knowing that you haven’t met them before in this life, yet feeling like you have known them before? This is a past life connection with someone and what is important is to be aware of where you are feeling the connection. If you feel it in the lower chakras then it is likely that it was a toxic relationship in the past, even if it seems to be good in the present. It is certainly worth being mindful of how the relationship is progressing and whether either one of you is more dominant than the other.

Healthy connections to people where there has been a loving relationship of some sort, are usually felt in the heart rather than the lower chakras.

Abuse can take many different forms but to me anything that happens or is said that doesn’t come from the heart with love is a form of abuse and all of us are guilty of the milder forms of it and all of us will have experienced the milder forms.

Wherever there is a toxic relationship there is a need to clear it on an energetic level so that it can no longer affect the people concerned in  a detrimental way. This is because the energy of arguments, unkind words, manipulation or even physical abuse will remain there until released through healing. Once healing has taken place around a toxic relationship the people concerned may part company and go their separate ways or it may mean that they are able to create a new more loving relationship that is beneficial to them both.

When healing toxic relationships during Cosmic Heart healing sessions, I now work on a much deeper level energetically as I have a greater understanding of how toxic relationships from past lives may be affecting people in their current life. I find that often when someone has a toxic relationship with someone there is one or more past lives that need clearing for that relationship to change.

Whenever there is any form of abuse on any level, however small, energetic hooks and drains are placed into the energy of the person being abused so that the abuser can take energy from them.  The more abusive the person is the more energy they take. If there is a large amount of abuse with trauma then the person can fragment pieces of soul which will need to be retrieved. It is like an energetic imprint that gets left behind.

When people are abusive they can also put spells, curses and hexes on people without realising what they are doing and even make vows and contracts which are detrimental to the relationship.

Forgiving people that are or have been abusive to you in any way, in any lifetime is important, as when you forgive people for what they have said or done you are clearing toxic energy without condoning what has been said or done to you.

Forgiving those involved, clearing the hooks and drains, retrieving energy and soul fragments and clearing hexes, spells, curses, vows and contracts all help to change the energies surrounding any relationship where there has been any form of abuse so that the people concerned can either move forward together or go their separate ways.

Clearing these energies for all lifetimes that you have had with that person also helps to change the energies within your energy system so that you start to learn to love yourself more, increase your self- worth, self-esteem and self-confidence and so start to attract relationships in, that are more loving, whether it be friendships or a new partner. Established relationships with people (such as family members, friends or partners) will also change so that they too become more loving and considerate.

Notice how others around you change as you heal yourself.

Most families have a degree of dysfunction within them as they have agreed to incarnate together to clear the karma between them.

With the family dynamics as they are currently, the mother tends to be the nurturer and the father the protector. From recent channellings from Source I have come to understand that when a baby is born its energetic connection to Source goes through the mother in order to protect the baby’s energy. At some point the mother is supposed to realign the energies so that the connection goes directly to Source once more. This often doesn’t happen, or is only partially done, especially if the mother is very controlling, abusive, or over protective or if the child feels very insecure or wants to protect the mother.

These connections to the mother can be carried from lifetime to lifetime and will affect a person’s relationship with their current mother.

Father’s are often the disciplinarians in a family and depending on the way that a child is disciplined, the father may put hooks and drains into the child in the solar plexus area which can affect self-confidence especially if a father is over bearing or controlling. Again these connections may be carried through from other lifetimes and affect current relationships even if the father in this life hasn’t been a father to the person previously.

Clearing and realigning the mother connection and clearing the father connection can greatly improve relationships between parents and their children (whatever age they all are) and will help to improve self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

Clearing the Abuser Connection ensures that wherever there has been any form of abuse ( anything that has not been done or said from the heart with love and compassion)  with anyone from any lifetime, those relationships can no longer affect any current relationships with people. This includes work relationships and acquaintances as well as close relationships.

Clearing the Lover/Partner relationship ensures that all energies connected to previous lovers/partners in all lifetimes are cleared so that those energies are no longer affecting your relationship with your current partner. Energy is shared during intimate relationships and will stay in the energy system after a relationship has ended and may be carried from one life time to the next. This can then affect any intimate relationships that people go on to have in many different ways.

Clearing the connection with anyone that has ever pushed you ‘off purpose’ is also important as you may have been pushed ‘off purpose’ during each lifetime and energetically this will continue to affect you during this life time until cleared. Clearing this connection helps to ensure that no one around you is able to continue to push you ‘off purpose’.

Clearing any form of toxic relationship is done during a CHEH healing and can be done in person or as a distant healing. If you are experiencing problems with any relationships please tell me as it will help me to assess what I can do to help you to heal and clear the negativity surrounding any toxic relationships.

I have found that once these different connections have been cleared, it releases some of the deeper lives that need to be cleared/healed relating to these different areas. Healing is very much a journey and it depends on how far you wish to take things and how deep you are willing to go within as to how long that journey will be for you.