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Remembering that Children are Souls too.

I have been working with quite a few children recently and it is interesting to see how past lives can affect them.
I have worked with one small child recently who was terrified of being left on her own, especially at night when being put to bed.

When I did a healing for her I discovered that she had been orphaned in one life and abandoned by her father in another life. Once the lives were healed she started to become less frightened and happier about going to bed on her own.

On the whole children are less heavily patterned and programmed than adults but this is mainly due to the fact that they have had less life experiences in their current life and therefore less past life memories and programming stimulated by current life events or people. They can however, still have a lot to clear.

Healing is complex, and indeed I am only now discovering how complex, as we never have the full picture and are just clearing whatever seems to surface at each session. I am also finding that the more I clear from my own energy, the higher my vibration goes and the deeper into the energy system of others the healing energies that I channel are able to go. This is why working intuitively is so important, as you never know what is going to need to be healed. It is also why self-healing is key especially if you wish to be a practitioner.

I was touched by the insight of one set of parents recently, whose child I have been working with. This is what I was told by his father;
“It is not always that easy to see the bigger picture and ‘really ‘ understand our place in the way of things- really feel rather than just have an intellectual knowing. Even with my beliefs, I still need to remind myself that my son, isn’t just a child, but a soul that is quite possibly/probably way more knowing than his parents are. That our purpose isn’t to teach him how to conform and be the same as others and acceptable to them, but to help him become clear and connect with infinite love and be his true self”

To me this is a parent working from a higher perspective. Seeing his son as an equal even though in this lifetime he is still very young. Age has become way too important and really has no real meaning when you realise that we are all infinite and have been around for eons in one form or another. Indeed most people have had hundreds maybe even thousands of lives.

When we are working from the heart with love we are not looking for our children or indeed other people to conform to what society expects but to empower them to be their true selves and find the energies of unconditional love and peace within, by helping them to connect with their Soul and Source through their heart.

Clearing the Soul Blockage and healing with the energies of Cosmic Heart Energy Healing (CHEH) not only moves you ‘on purpose’ but also clears all the energies of patterning and programming that have been with you for many lifetimes, making you want to conform and be accepted by society. Healing with CHEH clears what is blocking you, so that you feel empowered to be your true self and to accept yourself for the beautiful being of love that you are.

When you can accept and love yourself unconditionally you can truly love others around you. When you are able to do this you empower yourself and those around you, including your children to be themselves and not be afraid to be different.

Whilst we all come from one Source and are beings of pure love in our pure form, we all have our individual gifts and these gifts need to be recognised and encouraged especially in children.

Children need to be allowed to be children as well as be allowed to develop their interests and gifts. When you see a child as a Soul rather than a child you are treating them as an equal who needs love and support to step onto their path and move ‘on purpose’.

Helping them to develop their gifts is far more empowering than making them feel inadequate because they didn’t do well in the tests at school.

Remembering too that children are as much here to teach us as we are to teach them and that often what they say needs to be heard by us.

I have had conversations with one of my granddaughters who clearly remembers things that have happened in past lives. Most people would dismiss these kind of things, thinking it was the child’s imagination, this is how they get shut down.

She has also picked up crystals and used them without me showing or teaching her… a gift that her mother and I have agreed needs to be encouraged as she grows up.

I remember as a child seeing something that I termed as a monster as it frightened me and I didn’t know what it was, under my bed. I got my father up and remember him telling me not to be so stupid as there was nothing there.

Having done energetic house clearances, I have found entities beneath peoples beds and now know that what I saw was very real!

We need to listen to our children as much as guide them as growth is a two way thing! As we empower our children and see them connect more with their Soul it will help us to see the importance of going inward too. We have incarnated into the families we are in, not only to balance karma, but to learn from each other, love each other unconditionally and empower each other to be the beautiful beings of love that we truly are.

It is time that children are recognised as the wise beings that they truly are, as most of the smaller ones are more connected with themselves, Source, the universe and earth than any adult. They have so much that they can teach us as well as us teaching them if we take a step back and listen!

When we love unconditionally we empower others around us to be the beautiful beings of love that they truly are, but to love unconditionally you must first open your heart centre and learn to love yourself.


The effects of past lives on current relationships

Mary is a lady in her late 30’s who had been for different sorts of healing over the past few years. She had found that the different healing modalities had helped but every now and then the same issues would come to the surface again.

She came for Soul blockage removal and a healing a few weeks ago and found immediate changes in the way that she felt and the way that her body felt to her. She subsequently came for further treatments as she was very aware of the benefits of having Cosmic Heart Energy Healing from the experiences that she had with each healing with me.

This last time when she came to see me she explained that she had always had issues with men and indeed was aware of a deep fear of men and especially their physical strength. Her brother had bullied her as a child and used his physical strength to do this. I felt that the relationship with her brother had re-ignited her fear of men which I felt was related to the way she had been treated by men in past lives.

I explained to her that I felt that the first thing we needed to do was clear the past lover/partner connection as I felt that the majority of the abuse relating to men came from intimate relationships with them in the past, even though it was her brother’s behaviour in this life that had sparked the fear again.

When clearing the past lover/ partner connection, I include asking the person to forgive all past lovers and partners ( any lifetime, dimension or plane of existence) for any thing that they have done or said that has not been from the heart, and then ask them to forgive themselves for anything they have done or said that has not been from the heart. Energy and soul fragments are then retrieved, any energetic hooks and drains are cleared, any old vows and contracts are broken and cleared and negative ties are cut to the people and to the life.

Forgiveness in any situation where someone else is involved is key. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly who did something that caused you pain and upset as it is the intention of letting go of the toxic energy relating to what happened that is key. When you are forgiving someone or yourself, you are not condoning what was said or happened , you are letting go of the negative energies relating to what happened.

As I continued to clear the connection for Mary, I was aware of a lot of pain in her heart and as that was cleared for her and returned to Source, she told me that she was getting a pain in her right shoulder. I put my hands on her right shoulder and was immediately aware that she had been pushed violently against a wall and had broken her shoulder in another lifetime. I explained this to Mary and asked her to forgive the person who did that to her. I retrieved her energy and soul fragments relating to that incident and then was aware of her shoulder realigning itself energetically where it had been broken and the broken bones mending energetically.

As this finished she told me that she was getting a pain in her left shoulder. She explained that both her shoulders had caused her problems for sometime but that the pain in each of them was different. As I put my hands onto her left shoulder I was immediately aware that she had been swung by that arm and it had dislocated in a different lifetime. As I told her this she said that she felt she was younger when that was done to her. I agreed with her and told her that it felt as if she was 13 or 14 and had been forced into a marriage at a young age. She told me that her left shoulder always felt as if it was dislocated and not quite in the correct position. Again we went through the process of forgiveness, soul and energy retrieval and tie cutting and then I was aware of her shoulder energetically realigning itself.

As this completed Mary told me that she was aware of a crushing feeling in her chest and as I put my hands on her chest I was aware of her sternum being broken and her rib cage too. She told me that she felt as if she couldn’t breathe.I was aware that in that life she had been emotionally battered and broken as well and that this lifetime was probably the one that had been having the most effect on her in her current life. I reassured her, reminding her that these were past life memories that we were clearing and healing and then once again went through the forgiveness, soul/energy retrieval and tie cutting process.

Then all the broken bones were realigned and mended energetically for her. As this came to an end she told me that she had pain in her jaw.

When I put my hands on her jaws I was aware of another life where she had been abused by her partner/husband and this time her face had been battered. I was aware of not only her jaw being broken but her eye sockets and cheek bones as well. We went through a similar process to the ones we had done to clear the other lifetimes and then the bones started to realign energetically and heal for her.

She was not aware of any other areas of her body relating to abuse in a relationship hurting, and intuitively I was aware that we had healed the lives that had been key and affecting her relationships with men. I was then able to cut all the ties with all the ex partners and lovers in any lifetime for her so that none of her previous intimate relationships will be able to have any kind of effect on her in the future. I then asked for her energy system to be filled with divine love so that the healing process could continue and any residue negative energies from the intense work that had been done would be cleared for her over the coming weeks.

When Mary was ready to get up from the couch she told me that she now understood the relationships she had had with men in this life and why she had attracted the ones she had. She also now fully understood where her deep fear of the physical strength of a man came from.
When she stood up she could feel that her body had changed, she was able to stand more upright and her body felt more relaxed and less tense. She informed me that she would let me know how she progresses over the next few weeks.

The energies that have been affecting her have been completely cleared from her energy system so now she will be able to move forward and find a fulfilling intimate relationship if she chooses.

For those of you who are healers,this case study,shows how important it is to listen to your client if they suddenly experience something during a healing and to trust your intuition. When you work intuitively you are able to help your client on a much deeper level and when you work with the energies of love through using Cosmic Heart Energy Healing (CHEH), the healing that takes place will be on a deeper level and so can have a more profound effect for the client.

It has taken me some time to work at this level and be able to do clearings for people like this and the key to this is my own self-healing. Self-healing, helps to lift your vibration and open your heart when you work with the energies of love through CHEH. When you are working from the heart you connect more easily with your Soul and Source and then your intuition becomes stronger allowing you to help people on a deeper level.

I still work on myself regularly through treating myself and working with friends who work in a similar way to me. This to me, is as important as brushing my teeth!


Making A Difference

Its interesting to see that the collective consciousness is now beginning to shift and people are wanting to know more about how the world is going to change and what they can do to help it.

One of the things that is key if we are to create a world that is peaceful and full of love and joy is to find the peace, joy and love within each and every one of us.

People want  a peaceful world yet continue to externalise everything, not realising that they are fighting with themselves, for the world is a mirror and reflects back to us what needs healing in each of us individually, and what needs healing in us a a collective.

When you externalise what is going on around you, effectively what you are doing is projecting what you need to heal, onto others. The only way that you can change what is going on around you is to go inward, find and acknowledge the issues that need healing and then heal them. 


Message from the Arcturians 28/04/2017

“We the Arcturians come in love and peace. This year, your year 2017, is an important year for the planet and for all of you. The energies are becoming more intense and will continue to rise in frequency so that the release of energies that no longer serve people may be expediated.

The shift will not occur until the critical mass of open hearts has been reached and so it is important for each and everyone of you to clear your own energies of the lower vibrations, so that your heart centre can open more fully.

Know that as you open your heart and bring in the energies of love you’re helping not just planet Earth and those on her, but the whole universe, for the shift that needs to take place is one that will affect the universe.


The difference between being a healing technician and a true healer.

Over the years that I have been working with energy I have come to understand the importance of working intuitively,and trusting what I am being guided to do, so that I allow the healing and energies to be expansive and so heal on many levels.

Many healers follow the exact way they were taught when working with energy which creates limitations. This is why I have moved away from reiki, as to me it limits the potential healing that can take place. I feel that it is a very prescriptive form of healing. Equally I have come across crystal healers who work in a very prescriptive way too but when they let go and work intuitively the level of healing that they are able to achieve with their crystals is hugely different.

When you work intuitively and are working from a place of love you are connecting with your Soul, Source and any beings of pure love that wish to assist, who will all then guide you with the healing. Trusting the information that comes to you as you are working is key, as you may need to not only work with energy, but crystals, essences and colour as well.


April 2017 Newsletter

It only seems like a short time since I wrote my last newsletter. Time seems to be flying by as they say! There has been a lot happening in the world recently and I have been aware of a lot of new energies coming in since the Spring Equinox on March 20th. These energies seem to be affecting people in many different ways and certainly seem to be bringing a lot of negativity and old patterns and programmes to the surface ready to be released.

You may have noticed that you have been feeling more tired recently or a bit ‘out of sorts’, or perhaps you aren’t sleeping as well as normal. These are all indications of energy shifts quietly going on in the background.

One of the things that I have come to understand more on a physical level is that the endocrine system, which includes the heart, hypothalamus gland, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus glands, the pancreas, the ovaries or testes, the adrenal glands and kidneys, is very important to keep in balance if we want to have a feeling of well being.


A few words on healing

I am that I am and it is with great love that I am with you today for I feel that it is time to bring new understanding to the concepts of healing.

The most important thing to remember is that the key to everything is love, unconditional love. It is the only thing that is real and the only thing that will truly heal.

So many in your world look for the next quick fix, failing to listen to themselves, their Soul or Source, yet if they listened they would find the answer within. Each Soul has everything within that they need to understand themselves and love.


Healing family relationships

Its interesting how a childhood memory which may have seemed insignificant at the time can have a great impact on you and your life.

I have a client called Rebecca who has agreed to me sharing her experience during a healing with me recently. She had previously told me that her relationship with her father had been poor and that she had ended up walking away from him as she couldn’t deal with the toxicity of it.

We agreed that we needed to clear the father connection so that energetically she could clear her relationship with her father in this lifetime and any father she has had in any other lifetime.


Stress Causes Adrenal Fatigue

I have recently come to understand how Adrenal Fatigue can impact on people’s lives and that it probably affects at least 80% of the population.

The adrenal glands, situated on top of the kidneys, are important as they help us to deal with stress but so many people these days have lives filled with stress that their adrenal glands are constantly on over drive.

The stress response by the body was originally designed to help us to protect ourselves and is what is known as the ‘fight or flight’ response.

The adrenal glands are part of the endocrine system and I have really come to understand how important it is for the endocrine system to be cleared of deep energy blocks and even entities to bring that whole system back into balance within the body.


Only Love Heals

We are already in March and heading towards the spring equinox which is traditionally a time of new beginnings. For me now it is a time to remember to check in with myself and ensure that I am still ‘on purpose’, being open to any new ideas coming in which will assist my purpose.

Being on purpose is a key part of our journey here on Earth and for me facilitating and teaching healing as well as healing myself is key to me being ‘on purpose’. I was reminded the other day, in a message that I channelled during a healing session for someone of something that I feel is important to share.

“The ability to heal ourselves was never taken away from us, we just lost sight of the truth that only love heals.”