Being "On Purpose"

You will find that I talk a lot about being ‘On Purpose’. This is something that is critical for us all, as it is what will ensure that we lead happy, loving, fulfilling lives.

When we are ‘On Purpose’ we are on our true Soul Path, and doing the things that we came here to do. So many people have been pushed ‘off purpose’ and as a result of this are very unhappy in their day to day lives, often reaching the autumn years of their life feeling that they haven’t achieved anything, or full of regrets.

When we are ‘On Purpose’ we are doing what our Soul has agreed to do whilst on Earth and what makes us happy. Most of us will have one main purpose and then several other smaller purposes. Each one is important.

Clearing the negative energy blocks, that will have built up over many lifetimes, which stop us from being ‘On Purpose’ is critical if we are to move forward on our Soul Paths.

Clearing the Soul Blockage is also critical as once cleared that gives us a clearer connection with our Soul and with Source which will then help us intuitively to know that we are moving in the right direction.

When we are ‘On Purpose’ everything flows and synchronises for us and so we are able to manifest everything we need easily. When we are ‘On Purpose’ we are working from the heart with love and compassion for the highest good of all. This is how we were always intended to be.