Animal Healing

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Animals can greatly benefit from receiving healing. I have channelled that they too have a Soul Blockage which can affect them and their behaviour.

In fact my own dog, a West Highland Terrier, has always been quite feisty and has never listened to me, loves to have healing. Clearing his Soul Blockage has calmed him down quite a bit and now he takes more notice of me when I call him or tell him to do something. He used to ‘pee’ up the curtain if left at home by himself. He has now stopped doing this and is much more playful. People are amazed to find that he is 11 years old.

Animals will have had many lifetimes where negativity has built up depending on how well they have been cared for in the past. They may well have experienced trauma or abuse and that could be affecting their behaviour in their current lifetime.

Clearing the Soul Blockage in an animal can help them to be more healthy and have a calmer disposition, it may also stop bad habits that they have. Further healing can also help them to progress and maintain a healthy constitution.

Clearing the Soul Blockage/healing can help animals that are snappy, or aggressive or who have been unwell.

I have recently been working with a dog who was very poorly and his owner thought she was going to have to euthanise him. Some 4 months later he is much better and continuing to improve.

All work with animals is done distantly as I do not have the facilities to be able to see them in person.

If you would like your animal to receive distant healing, please make payment below and I will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Healing Options – Distant Only:


– Half hour session including feedback by email £25

(Recommended for small animals)

– Hour session including feedback by email £45

If you would like to know more about energy healing and how it may help you, please contact me on 07795 901046 or at