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Sarah Hunt - Cosmic Heart Healing

I am delighted to be able to launch the new system of healing that has been given to me by the Angels called COSMIC HEART HEALING. This is a high vibration healing energy which will unlock your own inner healing ability and gifts. It is being brought to us now to lift our vibration further and to prepare the true healers for the changes that are already starting to take place on Earth.

The workshops for each level will be channelled at the time so you will be learning to work completely with your intuition and your guides.

Each workshop will be tailored to the needs of the attendees and whilst I will be able to give an overview of what each workshop will include this is subject to change according to what my guides and angels feel is needed on the day.

There will be a simple 'attunement' process which will unlock your own abilities as a healer to channel these energies as well as unlock your gifts. This is different to a Reiki attunement in that there is no ritual with it. I am simply the earthly conduit needed for the angels to connect with you and unlock the healing knowledge wisdom and understanding from within that you are ready for at this moment in time.

This system of healing will enable you to heal yourself, others, Mother Earth and the Universe. It teaches you to always work from the heart with love and with the purest intention.

At level 1 you will be connected with your healing Angel and the two Archangels that will be working closely with you with this system of healing. You will also connect with the element of Air and the Air Elementals.

At level 2 you will connect with your healing Unicorn, the Element of Earth and the Earth Elementals.

At level 3 you will connect with your Golden Healing Dragon, your Fire dragon, the fire elementals and the element of Fire.

At level 4 will connect with your Dolphin, the water elementals and the element of water.

There is of course a lot more involved at each level. Details below and supplied on request on booking.

You do not have to have done Reiki prior to doing this system of healing but it is advisable to have done some form of healing prior to this. If you have never done any healing but feel very drawn to this then please contact me to discuss whether this would be suitable for you.

It is recommended that you leave 2 to 3 months between levels 1 and 2, for those of you who are established healers, then there must be a minimum of a month between levels 1 and 2. Moving from levels 2 to 3 there needs to be a gap of 3 to 6 months and from levels 3 to 4 a gap of 6 months Be guided by your intuition as to when you are ready to do the next level. If you are unsure then it is not the right time! If you would like to do a level sooner than recommended then please contact me to discuss.

Level 1 workshop
2-day workshop, 10 am until approx 4.30 pm both days, Kempston, Beds.
Price: £150, £50 deposit
Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January, 10am - NOW FULLY BOOKED
Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May, 10am - book online

Places limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Please contact Sarah on 07795901046 or email for more information.

Level 1; Angels - overview
2 day workshop, 10am until approx 6pm both days, Kempston, Beds.
Investment £150, deposit £50

Day 1
Importance of self healing
How healing affects others including earth.
Meeting your healing angel
Meeting the two main Archangels who will guide you with this system of healing
Updated info on chakras, the aura and energy flow
Clearing and balancing your heart and higher heart chakras
Clearing and balancing your chakras and aura
Connecting your heart with the Cosmic Heart and Heart of Earth (energy flow a figure of 8)

Day 2
Importance of adequate grounding and protection
Clearing your space prior to healing
How the energies flow/work
Attunement to the energies
Calling in the energies
Healing on the astral plane
Bringing the energies down through the angel collective.
Working with the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame
Finishing a treatment
Discovering your new healing gifts
Working with the energies on self and on others (practical)
Meeting and working with the Air elementals
Connecting with the element of air

Level 2; Unicorns - overview
2-day workshop, 10am until approx 6pm both days, Kempston, Beds.
Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February 2017 - book online
Investment: £150, £50 deposit

You will have needed to have completed level 1 to be able to do this level.

Meeting your healing unicorn.
The importance of keeping your vibration high - water, food, meditation, self healing
Raising your vibration with your healing unicorn
Clearing your aura and creating an energetic field of intent
Discovering the healing gifts that have been unlocked for you
Clearing your third eye chakra and connecting it to the heart chakras
Using your third eye chakra during healing with your unicorn
Connecting with Middle Earth and the Heart of Middle Earth
Working with the heart of Middle Earth
Discovering your new healing gifts
Self healing - practical
Healing others - practical
Healing intuitively
The importance of healing Middle Earth

Level 3; Golden Healing Dragon - overview
2-day workshop
Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March 2017 - book online
Investment: £165, £50 deposit

You will have needed to have completed levels 1 and 2 before doing this level

Your journey thus far
Connecting with your Golden Healing Dragon
Connecting with the element of fire - cleansing, passion, ignition of something new.
Connecting with your fire dragon
Connecting and working with the fire elementals
Dragons breath
Getting to the root cause of the problem
Additional protection
Past Life healing - the unlocking of past lives
Clearing Vows and contracts
Cutting ties
Retrieving soul fragments
Clearing entities
Discovering your new healing gifts
Self healing - practical
Healing others -practical
Distant healing - practical
Connections to healing in Lemuria
Connecting to the crystal grids and pyramids in other dimensions

Level 4; Dolphins - overview
2-day workshop
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April 2017 - book online
Investment: £180, £50 deposit

You will need to have completed all other levels before doing this level.

Connecting with your healing dolphin
Connecting and working with the water elementals
Connecting with the heart of the oceans
Connecting with the element of water, emotions
Using mantras whilst healing
Cleansing and purifying yourself and your clients
Combining the energies with other healing tools; crystals, colour, sound
Discovering your new healing gifts
Self healing practical
Healing others' practical
The importance of positivity, working with these energies to manifest the life you want
Connections to healing energies in golden Atlantis
Working with Ley lines in other dimensions

You will be provided with a manual for each level with essential information in and a notebook to make your own notes in. You will also receive a certificate on completion of each level.

Healing Share
I am delighted to now be able to offer an additional evening twice a month for healing share.
Here are the dates for the first 4 months of 2017, all sessions will run from 7.45pm until approx 10pm, Investment £8
Thursday 5th
Tuesday 10th
Thursday 19th
Tuesday 24th
Thursday 2nd
Tuesday 7th
Thursday 16th
Tuesday 21st
Thursday 2nd
Tuesday 7th
Thursday 16th
Tuesday 21st
Thursday 30th
Tuesday 4th
Thursday 13th
Tuesday 18th
Thursday 27th

Reminders are sent out to those who attend regularly. If you are not on the Healing Share mailing list and would like to be included please let me know:
For those of you who are healers, healing share is an important part of helping you to clear your energy, lift your vibration, share experiences and learn new things and so I would encourage you to come whenever you are able to. All those who come to learn CosmIc Heart Energy Healing will be encouraged to come to healing share.

Teacher/Facilitator Workshop
2-day workshop £300

This workshop is for those who wish to facilitate/teach this system of healing. You will need to have completed all 4 levels of Cosmic Heart Healing and spent a minimum of 6 months working with the energies. There will be a case study to complete prior to the facilitator workshop.

"What a wonderful weekend I feel so privileged to have been part of the very first group to have been taught about Cosmic Heart Energy Healing and to now be able to use the energy. Its such a beautiful, powerful but gentle energy- loving, all-embracing, enfolding, lifting and healing. The energy needs to be loved and looked after, promoted but protected. It was lovely to be working with Angels and Archangels. The group/class was small and supportive and we questioned, discussed, laughed and enjoyed the learning. I feel blessed to have been part of the introduction of this new healing energy".
Diane, Wootton, July 2015

"The Cosmic Heart Energy Healing Workshop was truly amazing. So much love came through. Its very simple to learn and with so much love it was very uplifting. I would recommend it. Thank you Sarah for a fantastic weekend".
LB, Bedford, 2015

"I have just completed Cosmic Heart Energy Healing Level 2, Wow !! A truly beautiful energy the most amazing feeling of love felt when using these energies. The two day workshop was jam packed full of information.I enjoyed the practical sessions, and the meditations within the workshop. Sarah has so much knowledge and experience to pass on to her students.I would recommend anyone who would like to learn energy healing to learn Cosmic Heart with Sarah. Thank you Sarah for the most inspiring weekend, I'm looking forward to putting all that I've learnt into practice".
LB, Putnoe

"What a fantastic two days! Learning about and working with the crystals was really interesting. The attunement to level 2 was very powerful and very moving. Sarah is such a good tutor and extremely knowledgeable and ensures that everyone understands the subject and is comfortable with the practical work. My fellow pupils were lovely and we had a really enjoyable time learning, practicing, questioning, laughing and sharing. I am looking forward to level 3!".
DH, Kempston

"A brilliant weekend with like minded people where we talked about everything around healing and development spirituality. Cosmic Heart is very powerful and going to be helpful to me in many ways. I'm looking forward to to seeing changes in people when their heart blockage is removed. Watch this space ...!".
C.E., Cranfield